Caring For Your Lingerie

Read our step-by-step guide below for the best tips and tricks to help keep your lingerie clean and looking brand new!
TIP #1
Ensure that your lingerie and swimwear keeps its shape and colour by washing your lingerie by hand in cool water (make sure you remove your jewellery first!). Products with underwires should definitely be washed by hand to avoid dislodging them. We highly recommend using Soak Wash for this as there is no need to rinse (just simply soak for 15 mins) - we like it so much that we sell it! You should wash your bra every 1-3 wears to keep the elastic rejuvenated.
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TIP #2
Wash dark and light colours separately.
TIP #3
If you really can't spare the time to handwash, use a gentle machine wash cycle such as 'delicates', 'hand wash' or 'woollens'. Use a detergent specially designed for delicates (Ecover does a good one – it's eco friendly as well).
TIP #4
Make sure that you close the hooks and eyes on bras and wash them in a laundry bag to avoid tangling and snagging (eBay & Amazon stock these). Only fill the bag half full so that the items can move around.
TIP #5
Swimwear should be rinsed through with cool water immediately after using it to avoid damage by chlorine and sun lotion.
TIP #6
Dry your underwear and swimwear away from direct heat – do not put them on hot radiators! Avoid tumble drying too.
TIP #7
Store your lingerie in soft bags made of fabrics such as cotton or silk. This will also keep bra and knicker sets from getting separated!

Small linen bags of lavender placed in your lingerie drawer will keep your favourite underwear smelling gorgeous!