About Us

Welcome to the Little Women Store where you'll find a wide range of beautiful lingerie especially for the petite bust and figure. Say goodbye to teenage training bras and say hello to feminine matching sets and bras that are designed for you specifically

Our own brand bras are typically available in sizes:

28AA 28A
30AA 30A
32AAA 32AA 32A
34AAA 34AA 34A
36AAA 36AA 36A
38AAA 38AA 38A
40AAA 40AA 40A
42AAA 42AA 42A
44AAA 44AA 44A

Alongside our own brand which is specifically designed for the smaller breasted customer in luxurious laces and fabrics with matching briefs, we also stock the small bra sizes of other leading international brands.

Should you need any help or guidance we are here to help you - email us at enquiries@littlewomen.com or telephone 0161 505 1840. 

Little women lingerie - small cup lingerie