Fitting Your Bra

Step 1 - Fitting The Back Band 
1. Make sure your back band is not digging in. The underwire should not be tight and your breast tissue should not be spilling over the back band.
 2. Check your back band is not too big. The under-band should fit snugly and should not ride up.
 3. Make sure the front of your bra is not being pulled down.
 4. Check to see if the "bridge" (centre front joining the cups) is not lifting away from the body. 
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Step 2 - Fitting The Cups
1. Make sure the underwire is not digging in.
2. Check the cups aren't too big. The cups should not fold inwards at the seam. 
3. Make sure your breast tissue isn't buldging out over the top of the cups.
4. If you have one breast bigger than the other, try tightening the shoulder strap on the smaller side to avoid the cup sagging.
Step 3 - Fitting The Straps
1. Make sure the shoulder straps are not digging in. 
2. Check the shoulder straps are not falling off your shoulders and creating discomfort. 

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