How to #SoakWash your #lingerie

Show your delicates some love with Soakwash. A rinse-free laundry soap for the #lingerie you adore. It's also perfect for swimwear, baby wear and even makeup brushes!


It's available in 3 fragrances: Celebration, Lacey, Yuzu and we also offer a fragrance free option.

We also do a perfect 90ml sized bottle, perfect to pop in your suitcase for holiday or travelling.

soak wash

It's super easy to use - Follow our simple steps below;

1. Add a drop of #SoakWash to warm water..


2.  Add the desired items you want to clean


3. Leave to soak for 15 minutes


4. Remove your lingerie (no need to rinse) and leave to air dry!


Here's a little video we put together just to show you - find more little clips like this on our Instagram..


Happy soaking ladies - Shop Soak here