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We love our lingerie and we want you to feel the same way! If you're worried about the fit,
the size, or your bras are just not comfortable,
follow our easy to use trouble shooting guide below:

Step 1 Fitting the back band

Back Band Too Small

LW TIP: Try wearing the Serenity Bralette for a flexible back band. 

Back band too big

LW TIP: Shop our Little Women Bras for flexible and adjustable back bands.

 Being Pulled Down

 LW TIP: Try the Anny Bra for comfortable, non-wired support.

 Bridge Bra

LW TIP: For added support, try the After Eden range for structure and comfort.

Step 2 Fitting the straps

 Shoulder Straps

LW TIP: Our bras provide extra long straps, especially designed for small cup bras.

STep 3 Fitting the Cups

Is the underwire digging in?

Does the underwire of your bra dig into your breast tissue and is the breast comfortably and completely encased within the bra cup?

If the answer is no, you need to try a bigger cup size i.e swapping a "AA" for an "A".

Are the cups too small? 

 Bulging Image

Take a quick look down or at yourself straight on in the mirror and then to your side, is your breast tissue bulging out over the top of the cup?

If it is, your bra cup is too small and you need to go up a cup size i.e from "AA" to "A".


Are the cups too big?

Cups too Small 

Do the cups creases dent inwards or do they gape at the top? Is there space between your bust and the cup?

If there is, you might want to try going down a cup size i.e from "A" to "AA". 

If however, the cup fits snugly everywhere else but is gaping where the cup meets the strap, it could be that your bra is the wrong shape for you or that the shoulder straps are too short.

Try tightening the shoulder straps and tightening the back band. If that doesn't work, try looking at different styles of bras - we know for instance that if your bra gapes, full cup bras are better than plunge or balcony.


Do you have one breast bigger than the other?


Most women do so don't worry, it is not unusual but it is important that you fit the bra to the bigger breast.

Try tightening the shoulder strap on the smaller side to avoid the cup sagging and if required, add a little booster pad to the cup of the smaller breast.

Remember most of the Little Women Label bras come with removable booster pads so you can take one out of the bigger side and add it to the cup on the smaller side and you can always ask us for a spare!


Need more help? Sometimes it is easy to speak to someone and if you would like extra help or advice about our lingerie, just call us on +44 (0)115 977 1770 or email enquiries@littlewomen.com.

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