Your Basic Bra Wardrobe

Your Basic Bra Wardrobe

We all have that one favourite outfit, right? The pieces we go back to again and again that make us feel good, and that we can rely on whatever the occasion. But did you know that you could be ruining that outfit with a the wrong bra? Not only that, but making sure you have the right bra for each item in your wardrobe, could actually make you feel better about your whole wardrobe. Wearing the incorrect bra can be unflattering as each type of bra can give you different support and shape, and so your bra has the power to change how you feel about your clothes.

The types of bras that Little Women recommend you have in your lingerie wardrobe are:



These small lace crop tops are the soft bra of the moment, and many young women are wearing them as actual tops. They are a fun way to show a bit of skin instead of a more conventional bra. They work really well underneath sheer shirts or loose vest tops, or just poking out from the top of a dress. Check out our Pinterest board for our latest styles, new fashion colours, & tips on how to wear and style them.

T-Shirt Bra

The Little women perfect t-shirt bra 'Chloe'

This is the go-to basic that every woman should own. Gives you a natural lift and is very comfortable it does exactly what it says on the tin! It is perfect for wearing under casual tops such as t-shirts, fine knits and so on. The beauty of this bra is it tends to have little or no detailing and so it won’t show through the finer fabrics. Try Chloe our perfect T-shirt bra for small cup sizes! 


triple boost bra for small bust - push up bra for small cups

Push-up bras have a little padding at the bottom of the cup which can help to give breasts of all sizes more shape, so are perfect for wearing with garments where you want to show a bit of cleavage. Their smooth design helps to ensure they are not visible under the garment as well. At LW we are not for boosting bras - more confidence boosting. So we have a range of boosts. Check out After Eden for their range of Push up small cup bras. 


strapless-bra for small cup ladies

Not just for strapless dresses or tops, these bras without straps also work under garments with unconventional straps or sleeves such as one-shouldered. Nowadays, many ‘strapless’ bras shirt actually come with detachable straps so that you can add or detract straps to suit the style of your garment. Click the link here for the bra above. 

Sports Bra

sports bra for small busts_pink

If you are into keeping fit, whether it be a brisk walk in the park or an hour or two at the gym, you are going to need a sports bra. Regardless of the size of your breasts, you need support when you are undertaking any form of exercise and the style that offers the most support is the racer back style. Click here for the most popular Sport Jock bra available in 8 colours. This bra is perfect for light sport such as walking, yoga and Pilates. However if you need something that is going to offer more support try the Triumph TriAction Sports Bra.

We have all these types of bras, and more, available at Little Women, in sizes from 32 AAA up, so take a look through and see what your wardrobe is missing.


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