Yes, There Are Large Band, Small Cup Bras Available......

Yes, There Are Large Band, Small Cup Bras Available......

There's no such thing as a large back small cup bra in an AAA, AA or A cup available...

Here at we are very aware that not everyone is petite all over and there is a perception that small cup bras are only available to small band size bra wearers.  There's lots of chatter in the ether about plus size bra wearers needing huge cup sizes too, but that's simply not the only inequality in availability of bra sizes.  We have developed our own brand bras for over 30 years providing elegant bra and brief sets for small cup customers, and over the last ten or so years we have increased our band size up to (in most cases with our own brand products) a 44 inch band, with AAA, AA and A cups available,  

Size really does matter

If you think about an adult woman's body frame it's pretty apparent that regardless of the amount of breast tissue you have - and for many of our customers that's not a lot of breast tissue hence needing a small cup bra - you have a fully grown torso that is longer than that of a teenager from shoulder to under band.  Therefore when some of our customers contact us to enquire why their teen bra doesn't fit them very well, the answer is obvious - a teenager is a smaller body and the straps on a teen bra are just not long enough for an adult.  All of our own brand bras specifically address this issue, with longer straps to make up for this - regardless of the style or indeed the back and cup size.  It's quite simply why teen bras are for teens....  There is absolutely no reason why someone with a small amount of breast tissue but a large ribcage shouldn't wear beautiful lingerie!

Bra size is just a number

There's no reason on earth why everyone can't enjoy a great fitting bra - you need to find your fit and go with it.  Different manufacturers have (annoyingly) slightly different blocks and many brands have a tendency to run large or small.  Our favourite example was a French brand that we used to stock whose block was so small that even our fit model who is a 34AA needed a 38A in that particular brand.  For example in the brands we stock currently, we find that Triumph are pretty good at running to size, Wacoal come up slightly small and Royce are bang on size too.  However, you have to consider that we all have different body shapes - and indeed different boob shapes - and it's nigh on impossible for any single bra to cater for every single shape.  You can get an idea of the type of bra that might suit your breast shape in our guide here.  The most important thing with any clothing - lingerie or otherwise - is that it fits you properly, is comfortable to wear all day and makes you feel fantastic when wearing it (or spying it in your lingerie drawer!)  Noone else knows what size garment you are wearing and the most important thing is that you feel amazing.

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