sloggi period pants

The Next Generation of Period Care

What are period pants? How do they work?

Your period should be comfortable. Our new sloggi Period Pants look and feel just like your favourite sloggi undies but feature hidden protection to keep you fresh and dry throughout your flow. Made from silky-smooth modal fabric with a stretchy lace waistband, they feel super-soft against your skin, while the innovative multi-layered gusset system keeps everything locked in. The innovative design features an ultra-thin, four-layer gusset system that locks in moisture, holding the equivalent of 3 regular tampons!

Are you still unsure? Let me answer our most common questions.

Are you worried about the smell? Don’t be! Our sloggi period pants contain award-winning SILVADUR™ 930 Antimicrobial technology keeping odours at bay. The four-layer design is there to make sure any smells are kept away, as well as the fabric being naturally moisture wicking.

Contrary to popular conceptions, you can pop period proof underwear in the washing machine with all the rest of your clothes. It is good to rinse the underwear in cold water before washing with heat, but this is not necessary. Wash the underwear either by hand or in a machine at 40˚C

Remember never to use fabric conditioner, softener or bleach and always hang your period proof underwear to dry rather than tumble drying, as all these things can cause damage to absorbent fabrics.

No leaks. No smells. No waste. Just pure comfort and peace of mind. Period.

Know your flow

We have a range of different sloggi period pants depending on your flow. We have the hipster and tai brief in light and medium therefore you can choose the style and type depending on how heavy your flow is. Or you could even pick up one of each so that you can wear the medium at the start of your period and the light towards the end when you just need something there in case. You know there is nothing worse than thinking your period has ended and then leaking through your underwear unexpectedly, with period pants you will never have to worry about this again. Click HERE to see our full range.


Why is it more important than ever to be switching up our period care?

As we all are aware, we are in the middle of a global environmental crisis, everyone needs to be making changes to become more sustainable. We are at the point now that scientists say is ‘unacceptable risk’. As women we use on average 15,000 pads or tampons in our lifetime which end up in landfill. Period pants can completely replace pads and tampons, they are more comfortable, sustainable, organic and clean.

Not only should we be using period pants to be more sustainable but also think about how much money you could save! On average women spend £14,000 on sanitary products over their lifetime. You probably spend £10 per cycle on products, sloggi period pants are only £20 a pair and could last up to 5 years if taken care of properly! Imagine putting your underwear on in the morning and knowing you are not going to leak throughout the whole day, and its just like your wearing normal underwear and you wash them like they are as well! On holiday you may feel as though you need a menstrual cup as well just in case there is no washing machine or you could bring a travel sized soak which we sell and use that! Apart from that period pants can be used in your normal routine, please just make sure you go sustainable and organic for the planet and your vagina’s sake!

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