The Adventurous New Market of Lingerie for Men

The Adventurous New Market of Lingerie for Men

February 1972, David Bowie introduces the world to his Ziggy Stardust persona. The world stops, confused. This is the first instance of androgyny appearing in the mainstream and taking the world by storm. How could this man be so confident? How could this man be so comfortable? For many it was an eye-opening experience and one that would change certain lives, certain societies and certain cultures forever. Today, thanks to the amazing strides and breakthroughs we’ve made globally, such an event would not be nearly as shocking if it occurred. Cross dressing, androgyny and feminisation as a whole is much more accepted and visible in society. As a result, the recent phenomenon of males wearing lingerie is also becoming more accepted and visible across society. We take a further look into the growing world of lingerie wearing males and appreciate why there has been such major growth.

Firstly, we need look no further than simply the growing appreciation for feminism and the feminisation of men across the world. In a time where ‘toxic masculinity’ is regularly being discussed in the mainstream, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the opposite begin to be highlighted. Granted, to some it is still socially taboo for a male to wear lingerie but at the same time, it also provides an adventurous essence to a male lifestyle, an excitement that many people search for their entire lives. To an extent, one could say that just by physically feeling the sensations a woman feels is more effective than standard feminisation such as hobbies, speech and so much more. For an example, many men have chosen to wear bras because they enjoy the feeling of the material on their chests. To many men, the bra is associated as being a final barrier to one of their main desires – sex. By entering into that position, themselves, they remove that barrier.

We can also look at the roles their partners play. Many men who enjoy wearing lingerie have no interest in sex transitioning although for others, they are part of the same path. For those that have female partners, this has become a key avenue in helping develop another level of closeness with their partner. Many couples will find themselves shopping together, exploring what each other likes. It’s a known fact that women find their partner extremely sexy when they are brimming with confidence and self-admiration and this very much ties in with the naughtiness of lingerie! Additionally, the feelings of trust and support are massively enhanced if both partners are open and accepting. For those males that do aim to fully transition, wearing lingerie beforehand can act as a great stepping stone on their journey to where they want to be.

This isn’t to say that males who wear lingerie still don’t face common obstacles and awkward situations but THERE ARE SOLUTIONS! If we take a look at the preferred styles of bra for males at the moment, straps are popular but many males prefer other styles as male shoulders and chests can make it difficult for straps to stay in place, which results in making adjustments and thus, all subtlety goes out the window. This leads us onto strapless bras, as they can be more easily hidden in situations and are thus, more preferred. The most popular choice however are the racerback style bras. These provide support while not having the challenge of keeping them up and maintaining a subtlety many men prefer. Many men have solved their visibility problems with the use of other layers. Suits for example have specifically shaped shoulders which are fantastic for hiding any straps. Tank tops and vests are also superb for adding that extra layer to avoid visibility.

As we move forward, it’s fair to assume that this culture will continue to grow and gain popularity and by doing so, the social stigmas and obstacles will continue to progress to a point where men can become comfortable being their true selves!

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