Caroline (the CEO) invited me to join the Little Women team for their SS19 shoot which was an opportunity I could NOT refuse. Not having been to a professional photo shoot before, I really did not know what to expect. I was so excited. Not only would I be given some real industry experience, but it would be my first day interning for LW.

Our lovely set for the life style photo shoot images

Our lovely set for the life style photo shoot images

Throughout the whole day everyone was involved. Whilst the models were having their hair and makeup done by Vanessa, a professional MUA, Claire and I were pairing and hanging the lingerie ensuring it was ready for the models to wear. Meanwhile Gavin, the photographer, spent time correcting the lighting and getting the backdrops right before each shoot.

Cleopatra and Gavin both doing their thing on the photo shoot

Cleopatra and Gavin both doing their thing!

It was everyone’s responsibility to have an eye on the models as they were posing, to ensure there were no wrinkles in the fabric of the lingerie, or to adjust their hair if it wasn’t sitting correctly. The attention to detail was so important and that was something I hadn’t considered before since current technology allows for the editing of imperfections.

The lovely Gemma having some last minute adjustments by Vanessa on our photo shoot

The lovely Gemma having some last minute adjustments by Vanessa

I was also given the freedom to snap some photos on my phone, which allowed me to creatively document the reality behind the scenes of a lingerie shoot. I enjoyed the responsibility whilst I was learning and was delighted to see some of my images used on the LW Instagram and blog.

Cleopatra on set of the photo shoot in one of our new styles coming soon...

Cleopatra in one of our new styles coming soon...

What I learnt from my first photo shoot:
• The day WILL be long (but it will also be fun).
• It’s a team effort; everyone really is as important as each other. Although it will only be the models you see in the final product, they would not be looking as amazing as they do without everyone else.
• Wear something warm. I learnt the hard way.
• It confirmed that the Little Women’s team was pretty cool, making me even more excited about joining them next month.

Charlotte x

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