Small Boob Hacks - Fillets

Small Boob Hacks

Everyone should embrace their small boobs! Whether it's for our own comfort or to accentuate an outfit, admittedly there are some days when we want to give our small bust a little extra boost. The team at Little Women have come with our top 5 Small Boob Hacks that can help make your assets grow instantly!

Hack No.1

The Padded Bra
Small Boob Hacks - Pearl Bra in Black

A padded bra is one of the easiest ways to create a voluptuous bust in no time at all. However, some padded bras out there can create unwanted bra lines when worn under t-shirts or are just extremely uncomfortable.

Coming soon, Pearl by Little Women will be your go-to bra of choice for an added boost and ultimate comfort. The Pearl features seamless cups so say goodbye to those pesky bra lines! With easily removable soft double padding, you can control the effect of your boost.

Hack No.2


Small Boob Hacks - Boob Contour

If you can spend ages contouring your nose, forehead, and cheeks why not your boobs? Master boob contouring by watching this wonderful tutorial by Nathalie MuñozBOOB HACKS | Make SMALL Boobs Bigger & How to Contour

Hack No.3

The Racer Back

Small Boob Hacks - DIY Racer Back Bra

To increase support and feel more put together, use the racerback hack. You can either buy a racerback bra here or create your own.

All you need is a bra and a paperclip! Use the paperclip to pull the straps together in the centre of your back. Your boobs are pushed up and move closer together by the pull of the straps.

Hack No.4

Side Boning

Small Boob Hacks - Side Boning

This can be found in structured bras, but what exactly does it do?

Side boning pushes your breast into the centre of the chest which creates a fantastic, natural looking shape. The side boning prevents the sides from collapsing. Side boning maintains the life and structure of the bra and helps you to feel more supported.

 Hack No.5


Small Boob Hacks - Fillets

Fillets fill the space out in your bra - this encourages your boobs to lift upwards creating realistic cleavage.

 If you know of any bra hacks that we haven't mentioned, tag us on social media using the hashtag #LittleWomenLingerie and show us your small boob hacks.



Little Women is a specialist in small cup bras. Little Women have a wide selection of beautiful, luxury bras in various styles and colours to suit any small bust size needs.

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