Size Matters....

Size Matters....

Size matters you know! Have a read of our blog to understand more about how important the right sized underwear is...

Here at we design, manufacture, source and sell beautiful and practical bras and we want you to enjoy wearing each and every item. It is our passion.

We can do nothing about the fact that you might not like the look, colour and sometimes the fit of our bras when you get them - it is one of the hazards of online retailing and why we accept returns and exchange requests without a quibble. We want you to be happy.

The purpose of this blog entry is to talk about size. Size matters. Just look at the content on our website that deals with size (and its bed-fellow, fit, although that is the subject for another time). A badly sized bra can do anything from change your perception of the bra to actually hurting you, so our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the right size.

We only sell a specialist range of sizes in a segment of the market that is largely ignored by mainstream retailers. Lots of our customers tell us stories of being sold completely unsuitable bras because that is all the retailer had and it was the customers fault for being too small. That makes our blood boil.

First of all, let us get the science bit out of the way. There are several methods of measuring bras and sizing varies between countries, manufacturers and retailers so we advise that you use OUR bra size calculator in order to get the correct sizing. You can find it here

Measure around the chest just below the bust in inches. Round up to the nearest whole inchand add 4 if your measurement is an even number and add 5 if it is an odd number - this is the BAND or BACK size using what is called the underbust+4 method. Next measure around the bust at the fullest point in inches and again round up to the nearest inch - this is the bust measurement. Subtracting the bust measurement from the band size gives a number that can be used to determine the cup size.

We go down to the AAA size which is very unusual but also very popular with our customers. This is one reason why you should use OUR calculator rather than any other. Other calculators blow up when they get a ‘negative’ calculation – i.e. when the band size is bigger than then bust or cup size. We worked out why this happens and, because we sell AAA cups, we realized what was happening and changed the calculator. Other companies just cannot be bothered with this size cup so their calculator effectively says ‘calculator says no’ because they can't sell you a bra. Nonsense and this completely undermines you, the customer.

Whether you think of yourself as a 34 or a 36 is largely irrelevant - if the calculator says 36 then buy a 36 and wear a comfortable, well fitting bra. Remember – our size changes with life events such as childbirth or weight loss or gain – and our bust sizer can and will change. It’s not a judgment on you if your size changes, it’s just super important to be wearing the right size bra for support, comfort and confidence. Take the plunge and measure yourself – you may well be surprised. If you have always bought an A-cup and the calculator says AA, then buy AA. We promise not to tell anyone - honest.

Size matters. It matters to many of us in two ways - the practical way, getting the correctly sized bra and the emotional way, our identity as a particular size. I would urge you to put your emotions to one side. Do not buy the size you would like to be or think of yourself as or you think is your 'label' - buy the correct size. Size matters.

Please read our testimonials. Many of our customer have suffered for years from being sold the wrong bra size - buy the right size and wear beautiful, practical, perfectly sized bras made just for you, not the training bra - because that is all the retailer had in your size. You are beautiful and deserve beautiful lingerie. Size matters.


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