Should I Wear My Bra To Bed?

This debate has been around for decades with each side offering their own arguments as to why you should do it their way.

Some say that wearing a bra to bed will offer you better support, comfort and protect against drooping. Others argue that it restricts natural growth and can cause long term discomfort.

The Loose Women ladies even had a live debate about the subject, with members of the public offering their opinions:


There is no factual evidence to suggest that either option is the ‘correct one’. It would seem that opinion on the subject comes down to this: what feels best for you?

To put your mind at ease about whichever choice you make, here's our myth-busting guide to night time bra wearing:

Myth: Your breasts will sag more without a bra on while you sleep

little-women-sports-braThe truth is, wearing a bra while you sleep will not prevent your breasts from sagging. Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast size and age are all factors that can cause your breasts to sag, but night-time bra wearing isn’t one of them.

Women with D cup breasts and above may find that sleeping while unsupported is uncomfortable and painful, while women who wear smaller A bras may find wearing a bra to bed to be restrictive and irritating.

If you feel that you can't sleep without some kind of bra support, try wearing a sports bra instead of your regular one. They offer support but are designed to minimise rubbing and chafing, plus they should stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

Myth: Your breasts won’t grow if you sleep in a bra

For many, the choice to sleep in their bra starts at a young age.

Girls who are wearing their bras for the first time will often look to their peers for guidance. If one girl in a group of friends sleeps in her bra, then it is likely that the rest of her group will follow suit.

It may be that it is uncomfortable at first but like most things, you get used to it and it becomes the norm.

It works the other way round as well. If a girl hears from an older friend or reads on the internet that wearing a bra at night stops your breasts from growing, chances are she'll spread the word quickly amongst her friends. So whose opinion do you trust?

Despite what you might hear on the playground or in a chat room, wearing a bra to bed will not stop your breasts from growing. Your breast size is determined by genetics and hormones, not whether you wear a bra to bed or not.

Myth: Sleeping in your bra increases your risk of breast cancer

This rumour did the rounds on the internet a few years ago and still crops up occasionally. The truth is, there is no evidence to suggest that wearing a bra to bed will increase your risk of breast cancer.

The only negative that has been shown from prolonged bra wearing is that is has been known to cause cysts to form. This is because under your arms are your lymph nodes which drain excess fluid and keep your breast tissue healthy. If these are restricted or blocked, they can form cysts.

The solution is to only wear bras that fit your correctly and go for soft comfort without underwire or rigid support.

There have been numerous studies and polls created on the subject and looking around, it would seem to be a fairly even split between those who do and those who don’t.

little-women-charlotte-braNight Time Bra Advice:

  • Don’t make your bra too tight when you sleep. You want to be supported but not restricted

  • Wearing a bra to bed will not stop your breasts from growing

  • It will not increase your risk of breast cancer if you wear a bra at night.

  • Go for a bra without underwire as these can cause cysts to form when moving around in your sleep


It’s all about comfort! Choose what feels comfortable to you and as always, get a bra that fits correctly and supports you in all the right ways.
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