Should I Sleep in my Bra?

Should I Sleep in my Bra?

Whether you're an AAA, AA, A or B ;  this question still stands.

Picture it: you’ve come home from a long, hard day at work. The traffic was awful on the commute - both ways - and everything that could go wrong, did, today. The only thing you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. The question is, do you take off your bra or not?

If you spend five minutes looking at Google for an answer to this question, you’ll be hit thick and fast with arguments that you absolutely should not wear your bra in bed, and even more articles that take completely the opposite approach.

What’s the right answer?

Health side-effects

Whilst there is no hard scientific evidence about the effects of sleeping in your bra, common sense should be applied.  If you wear an underwired bra that is too tight, then circulation, skin irritation and restlessness during sleep may occur.

For example, if you prefer your straps to be quite tight during the day, this could become more of an issue at night, so perhaps think about loosening them to combat this?

Or bralettes are a great substitute for this at night; no wire digging into your skin and a garment that is breathable.

Try the NEW Little Women Serenity Bralette below for this.



We all need it, whether you wear AAA bras, AA, A or B cup. Many people believe that sleeping in your bra won’t affect your health if you wear a product that supports you fully. I mean, that's important in everyday bras, right; so why not at night too? It isn’t so much a question of ‘should you’ but rather ‘what type’?

Loose fitting, non-wired bras are best for night-time wear. This way you still gain the support you need for your bust, yet avoid problems like the wire digging into your skin. At Little Women, we offer a selection of undergarments that are non-wired, and they can be found here.

We recommend the Secret Addict non wired non padded soft bra below;

Secret Addict Non wired non padded soft Bra

Comfort is Key

There are women who prefer to sleep in their bra for practical reasons not least for comfort. If you are the type of person who likes to take your bra off and sleep freely, then go for it!  Either way here at Little Women, we advise that you know you best. No one is judging you on whether you do or don't!

Try the  Double Comfort Bra Top for support and extreme comfort.

Double Comfort Bra Top

Whatever you want to do, we're happy to help and advise, so give us a call on 0115 977 1770 or drop us a line at, any time!

The Little Women Team


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