Cities to Visit This Autumn

Autumn is fast approaching and England is getting more miserable by the minute. As I look out my office window this dreary Wednesday afternoon I can't help but daydream about where I'd rather be. I love Autumn but the UK just isn't as scenic this time of the year like some other countries. No matter how hard I edit my Instagram photos, the UK in reality come Autumn time is a big scenic let down. If you agree, keep reading to discover my collection of the most picturesque destinations to visit this Autumn.


You know Autumn's arrived when the leaves turn a beautiful orangey/red. Fun fact: Amsterdam is the leafiest city in Europe with over 400,000 trees binding the canal banks. This means that a stroll along the canal will be magical! Being surrounded by clouds of red and orange and stepping on a golden carpet of crunchy leaves sounds perfect to me.

Amsterdam in Autumn

Places to Visit:

The Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark, or head down to Amsterdam's canal ring and purchase a tour of the city.

New York City

The concrete jungle is renowned worldwide for its Autumnal atmosphere.  Home to Central Park and the world-famous Thanksgiving Day Parade, Autumn in New York City is a tough one to beat. I suggest venturing up to the Top of The Rock to get the best view of this stunning city.

New York City in Autumn

 Places to Visit:

Times Square, New York Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge.


When leaves change in colour the Japanese call this Koyo or Momiji. The autumnal scenery is exceptionally special in Japan because it cannot be found everywhere. You have to know where to go to get the best views. Kyoto, known for its temples, is a city that is rich in culture and history. The vibrant foliage season in Kyoto lasts from 15th October - 15th December and is the most beautiful in Japan.

Kyoto in Autumn

Places to Visit:

Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto Station, Tofuku-ji Temple.


Canada as a whole is pretty picturesque, but if you're looking for something special Montreal is the place to go. There are numerous autumn activities taking place around Montreal including the Garden of Light festival, apple picking and pumpkin carving.

Montreal in Autumn

Places to Visit:

Montreal Botanical Gardens for the light festival, Mount Royal Park, Morgan Arboretum.


Paris in Autumn

The city of love is even more romantic in Autumn. Walking through the streets of Paris feels like you're walking through a watercolour painting. The French landscapes are unmissable and the city is less crowded which is always an added bonus.

Places to Visit:

Palais-Royal Gardens, Jardin du Luxembourg, Angelina for the best hot chocolate in Paris.

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