Our wonderful new website....

Our wonderful new website....

We at littlewomen.com thought long and hard before going down the route of making a new website. We know that our ‘old’ site had been known and loved by many of our wonderful loyal customers who seemed to know their way about it far better than we did.

But our hand was somewhat forced by the prospect of “Mobilegeddon” which meant that if a website was not “mobile friendly” it would slide down the search engine rankings into oblivion. Our ‘old’ site was not tablet or mobile friendly in any way and so it was somewhat Hobson’s choice as it turned out.

Being somewhat forced into the position, we decided to do a proper job putting features into the ‘new’ site that would benefit our customers and improve its community feel and these are shared with you below. Our ‘new’ site went live on the 1st of September 2015.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Little_Women_New_Website[1]The site is now what is called a responsive site - this means that it resizes itself to a device’s display and shows things in the best way for that device. Try it - look at the site on a smartphone and you will see that the menu works differently and the flow of text and images is quite different. We have deliberately made it easy to use by making text and images quite large and making the navigation controls obvious and simple to use.

So now no matter how and where you want to look at your favourite lingerie, at home or on the move, you can.

Bigger, better and more pictures

[caption id="attachment_106" align="alignright" width="200"]Tulip Back View Tulip Racer Back Bra and Matching Brief[/caption]

We have increased the size of our product pictures and where possible increased the number of images we show for each product. We have re-photographed a lot of our more popular products with new models to show off the lingerie as it should be seen. As time goes by, more of our products will be re-photographed and we shall include more detail pictures as we have with the After Eden Tulip bra.


We want to create videos about our products and other aspects such as how to measure correctly, how to determine the best fit and inform, educate and delight.

Our first baby step is to show an aspect of the Soak no-rinse delicates wash that we sell. See it on the Soak pages in the description section.

We would love to use videos from you, our lovely customers, giving testimonials about your experience shopping with us and your experience with our bras. Not cheesy, just women giving no-nonsense advice to other women. Let us know if you have something to say and we'll gladly feature you. There'll be a little something in it for you too by way of us saying thank you.

Special Offers

The new site allows us to create special offers, so along with the sales and free P&P promotions that we have always offered, we can now offer 2 for 1 or buy this and get that 1/2 price type of offers.  This will mean that when we get great deals from our suppliers we can easily pass them on to you - look out for them being advertised in the coming months. Who doesn't love a bargain?

User Accounts

Our ‘old’ website did not remember you between visits or across devices, so you had to re-enter your details each time you bought something. Rather old fashioned, we felt, and we wanted to do something about that.  Ta-da - all hail the new site!

The new site allows you create an account which saves your details for next time (you can still buy as a guest without creating an account if you don't want to be remembered as a customer). Having an account allows you to track the progress of your order and make changes right up to the point of shipping. You can save multiple shipping addresses in your account so that you can easily buy for friends and family. Having an account also gives you access to a Saved Items list (see below). Additionally you can see what you have previously ordered, making re-ordering just a matter of a few clicks. It's all about making your shopping experience more slick and friendly and we're really pleased with it.

Saved Items

You can now save items in a Saved Items list so you can romance certain products until you are ready to buy, or save them to show to your friends, or just watch them until they change price in the end of season sale....but this is a more risky strategy to be honest, as we do sell out of sizes and styles....

Product Reviews

Thank You We think of the customers of littlewomen.com as a community of like minded individuals, so you can now add Product Reviews so that other community members can benefit from your experiences.  So if you think that the bra and pant set that you have just bought is worthy of some praise, then come and leave a review.

You can also read the reviews that others have left to help with your buying decisions and the more reviews that people post the richer the information available to other customers becomes, and the more informed the decisions about what to buy will be.  That said, don't forget that we're always happy to answer questions by email or by phone, so never think that you can't get in touch to ask about anything at all.


As a further part of the community feel, you can now ask questions about products and the answers can be published to help other community members. So if you have always wondered what Lacey Soak wash smells like or how stretchy the shoulder straps on the Very You bra are - then ask away!

Product Categorisation and Filtering

We have always categorised our products to make the item you want easier to find - these include By Size, By Brand, By Style and pre-organised into Collections. You can now also filter using the filter panel on the left hand side of the screen. You can filter by size, colour price and brand to zero in on the product for you.

You can also sort the products as they are displayed by such attributes as price and name.


We have made the checkout experience as smooth as possible. In the checkout you now see thumbnail pictures of everything you have chosen and we have tried hard to make entering your details, choosing shipping and payment options as easy as we can. Paying should be painless.


The new site is fully encrypted using SSL so your use of it cannot be snooped. We do not keep any financial information on any of our servers and we are regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office so are required to delete data when requested. We take security very seriously because you do.


So there you have it - your littlewomen.com site, shiny new and built just for you. Do let us know what you think of it - we value your feedback!
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