Our Top 3 Comfortable Bras For 2021 (and lockdown)

Trust me, this one is worth a read…
No one wants to wear uncomfortable bras… that’s a fact.
No one wants to wear bras that don’t fit their petite bust shape… also a fact.
Us little boob ladies in particular have endured wearing bras that simple haven’t been made specifically for us for far too long.  The truth is that most mainstream bra companys make bras for larger busted ladies. Trust me I know this for a fact. Not least that the underwire shape can be cringe making and the strap length and width can be just outright horrid.
So what better way to kick off 2021 than to give you our round-up of our most favourite comfortable bras for everyday wear! By everyday wear I mean something you can start wearing under your smart top for the work from home zoom meetings, or underneath your jumper whilst on your daily walk or even if you are still embracing dressing gown life…
Basically, whatever you are up to, you need these (perfectly comfy but beautiful) bras in your life!
First up, a Little Women newbie! It’s the Kiki Non-Wired T-Shirt Bra
This perfectly feminine, plain and ultra-soft cotton rich comfortable bra is literally perfect to wear under anything and the fact she comes in a light pink or black colourway means you can wear anything and still feel supported and stylish! This is the bra you need for everyday life when only the finest cotton and the softest feel against your skin will do. The Kiki bra  is also perfect if you’re just starting to wear bras, due to her smooth non fussy design.
Next we have an all-time favourite of many of our lovely customers, the Little Women Perfectly You bra
Perfectly You is similar to the new Kiki bra but with a little more feminine glam – she’s lacy! The wirefree design teamed with the soft cotton mix against your skin is is totally comfortable so you can easily wear it all day and still feel great.  Our lovely loyal customers adore the gorgeous lace cup and the fact that it comes in three colours (white, black and peony) so that there is a well fitting, comfortable bra for every outfit.
I’d probably say the next bra is equally as delightful as the previous two. You guessed it… it’s the Little Women Very You bra
Very You Non-Wired Peony Medium-Padded Bra
Honestly I cannot rave enough about one bra. Very You has every detail that us ladies in the ittie bittie tittie committee need… wirefree, longer adjustable straps, removable padding and a whopping small boob size range from a 28 back all the way to a 44! She’s smooth, lacy, glam if you want her to be, every inch feminine but also totally wearable under any outfit, whether that’s a blouse, jumper, dress or vest! Very You is my all time favourite bra ever and is a must have for 2021 and every year after!
I hope this short and snappy round-up has given you a little more help and insight into this year’s must-haves, if you’d like to talk to us about any other bras or any lingerie queries you have (and I mean anything), please do not hesitate to contact the team.


Lots of love & Happy New Year!
Holly x