LW Gifting Guide

LW Gifting Guide

Gifting lingerie can feel daunting- with so many styles and combinations, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and intimidated. But don't worry, we're here to help you get it right! We've put together 5 simple steps to gifting, the Little Women Way.

Step 1: Colour    

A good place to start is colour. 

What have they worn previously and felt confident in? Or, have they ever worn something they didn’t feel comfortable in. It’s all about gauging your loved one’s interests.

Step 2: Size                                                                                                          

This next one can be tricky; but its the thought that counts and with a simple returns policy available at LW, there’s no need to worry about size.

We recommend looking at an item they already own, or just ask them - if anything it creates an excitement. Our detailed measuring guide, available online, can also help guide you in the right direction.

Step 3: Style   

Once you’ve narrowed the above down it’s time for the fun part - style!             

We have a whole host available...from push up to front fastening (no need to fumble around here!).                                                                                               

This where you can unleash your creativity - think of yourself as a designer, piecing together a runway masterpiece. And most of our bras have matching briefs available, making it that bit easier for you.

Step 4: Finishing touches     

Time to make it extra special.   

Those little touches really count, a love note or scented rose petals - we can provide both! Receiving a gift is always nice; but when you go the extra mile to make the unboxing personal, it creates a memorable experience

Step 5: Enjoy!

The most important part, gifting should be fun.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, the thought is truly what counts. And remember, if gets too much, you can always give the gift of choice! Our LW gift cards allow your loved one to handpick their own desires.

We hope that by following these simple steps we can help you to create a memorable and intimate experience for your loved one.

And remember, the essence of the gift lies in the care and consideration you put into it. Whether you create a runway masterpiece or opt for the simplicity of a gift card, the joy is in the thoughtful gesture itself.

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