Our Galentine’s Day Guide

Our Galentine’s Day Guide

Think Valentine’s Day but miles better.?

If you’re fortunate to be a woman, then you’ll likely understand the fact that having a close group of gals by your side beats any guy, hands down. Everyone knows that when a band of girls get together for a coffee, the world is going to be set to rights. Galentine’s Day is an ENTIRE day dedicated to the celebration of these unique friendships.

Think Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ and you’re probably half way there.

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Here, in the Little Women office, we absolutely LOVE the thought of Galentine’s Day, so we’ve come up with some glamourous Galentine’s Day ideas to make your celebration go with a swing.

1. First and foremost; round up your closest girls, your mum, sister and female relatives. From the youngest to the oldest; everyone can appreciate some Galentine fun!

2. Get out those table decorations that you saw in John Lewis; the ones you’ve been dying to use since you bought them in the Christmas sale. Reach for the table confetti, the matching plate sets and the pastel coloured balloons. Make it the best bash the women in your life have ever seen.


DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial via justcharming weddings.co.uk 

3. Have your Pinterest account at the ready, arm yourself with as much of the best DIY and craft inspiration as you can. We’re talking handmade cards, cross-stitch designs and, of course, handmade edible goodies. We’ve made our very own Pinterest board for Galentine’s Day – take a look to fuel your ideas.

4. In a world of technology, the good, old fashioned hand-written letter is a bit past its sell-by date now. Or is it? Take a trip down to Paperchase, pick up some sophisticated writing paper, and give everyone who is invited to your Galentine’s Day party a letter of encouragement. The type that has inspirational quotes, compliments and how amazing they are.

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from Amy smart girls blog

5. Music: an ultra-important element of any Galentine’s Day event. Will the playlist consist of all female artists, or will boybands feature too? We strongly advise that Beyonce’s ‘Run the World (Girls)’ is a key contender.

6. Finally, what to wear? A question most women struggle with on a daily basis.  Let’s face it. with Valentine’s Day just 24 hours after your event, you’re used to seeing all the gorgeous lingerie on offer at the moment, right? Why don’t you urge your girls to join you in wearing their favourite pieces under their killer outfits of choice? Feel (and look) fabulous!

Whatever your Galentine's event looks like, make sure it is fun, full of celebration and encouragement. Enjoy!

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