Our Best Bra Tips For Ladies With Asymmetrical Breasts

Our Best Bra Tips For Ladies With Asymmetrical Breasts

Let’s get one thing clear straight away, asymmetrical breasts are completely normal! In an age where we’re told that symmetry is great, it’s easy to forget that for anyone to be born with complete breast symmetry is very rare. As a result, uneven breasts can seemingly make bra buying, bra measuring and bra fitting more complicated – but it doesn’t and we have some great advice for you.

The Pleasure of Measure

Step 1 is simple yet crucial – measure your breasts. Find the best measurement guide (may we recommend our own?) and get the right measurements for your breasts before even beginning to look for the bra with the perfect fit. What you’ll probably find is there is a slight difference in the actual size of each individual breast, but you have to find the most accommodating cup size for both of them.  When you’ve done this, always choose your bra based on the BIGGER sized breast – it’s better to have more space than to have one boob struggling for space.

Padded Bras Are Your Breast Friend

Padded bras are wonderful inventions, arguably the best bras for small busts. Not only do they provide enhancement to your breast size, they can also provide lift and ‘direction’. One of our favourite terms for these is the sheepdog bra as it rounds your boobs up and points them in the right direction. With apologies to sheepdogs everywhere, it’s an excellent way to describe their function!  Although many bras have a degree of padding, if you want to create the illusion of bigger boobs then typically a push up or plunge padded bra will be what you’re looking for. We’d recommend trying out a couple of different styles of padding in your size to find out what you prefer and what suits you.

Removables and Accessories

Many bras come with removable padding options these days. This means the control over shape, lift and enhancement is once again in your hands. Cookies and bra pads are also a great way to adapt the bra you choose to find that perfect fit.

The Bottom Line

Learn to love your asymmetry! It’s completely natural and almost all of us have some sort of unevenness in every area of our body! There are so many options available for you to have full control over your own looks and your own shape, it’s a great time to find your perfect bra.


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