New Year, New Mindset, Same You

It’s that time of year again – we’ve all spent time over Christmas eating, drinking, and being (maybe a little too) merry! A fresh new decade calls for throwing out with the old and in with the new, and prioritising our health and well-being.
Making New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t need to be a time of self-punishment, but a time of putting yourself first and creating a happier, and healthier, you!
love yourself quote
Here at Little Women we’re all for looking and feeling great, so what better way than by getting up, and moving more. Studies have shown that exercising not only contributes positively to your physical health, but also that it can reduce stress, anxiety, and improve self-esteem. Time to look clearly with 2020 vision and put yourself first!
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A recent YouGov poll found that 50% of all New Year’s Resolutions are to start exercising more, but that more than half of British women are too embarrassed to exercise in public due to worries about their bodies. Treating yourself to fab workout clothes is the first step to feeling confident, and here at Little Women we offer the perfect range of sports bras to help you feel both stylish and supported.
Little women - small bust AAA AA A sports bras
Little women - sloggi move sports bras
Us smaller chested ladies are blessed with the advantage of not having to sacrifice style for practicality, with offers such as the uber popular Royce Sports Bra, currently on sale for over half price at £10!
Looking good needn’t break the bank, ladies!
We also stock a gorgeous selection of sportswear by Sloggi, such as the mOve FLY Capri Leggings and matching briefs
as well as the Zero Feel bralette (below) , to allow you to feel unrestricted and confident, no matter how you get your sweat on!
sloggi sports bralette
Here's a few more simple ideas how to get healthier and happier this year;
Join a dance class
They're great fun, you'll barely notice your doing any exercise at all and you'll make some new friends.
Eat a good healthy breakfast
deliciously ella over night oats
We know we don't all have time in the morning, to make insta worthy brekkies, especially with family and work commitments - however a quick overnight oats (prepped the eve before) will give you the brain power for the day and they can be so delicious you'll thank yourself for doing it. Check out our Pinterest page HERE for daily ideas and new products you'll love. 
Meal & Snack Prep
This seems obvious, but when it gets to 3pm and you're after that mid afternoon sugar fix, you can swap sugary treats for better options - like popcorn, peanut butter with apple dippers or homemade energy balls - try these by deliciously Ella - you can make them in bulk so there always there when you need one! 
Self Care
Give yourself one evening a week where you either read your fave book, paint your nails, or try a new beauty treatment. Sometimes just little things like getting your nails done can really improve your mood and give you that confidence boost you need. Making time for a pamper night is a good one, invite your bestie/s over and relax with your favourite movie and good company.