Merry Movies: Staff picks

Merry Movies: Staff picks

Who doesn't love a festive Christmas movie?

We thought it'd be fun to have a rally round the office, and let our customers know what our top picks are. Whether you need some inspiration or simply want to join in our excitement for Xmas Day, we invite you to read on!

Caroline - A Wonderful life

'Why do I love 'It's a Wonderful Life'?  I love it because to me it embodies the true spirit of Christmas in the sense that it embodies the hope of redemption that all of us, religious or not, share.  I love the pathos which is heartfelt but not overwhelming, and I love the fact that, once it's on it really feels as though Christmas and all that this entails for me, is here. A true classic that should be required watching for anyone feeling any Bah Humbugness at all.

Belinda - The Holiday

'My favourite Romcom film is The Holiday, I love the house that Iris (Kate Winslet) lives in and the whole idea of a house swap is great, its so cute and the perfect English house to be in for Christmas! I like the fact that you can really relate to both of the girls in the film and that it is set in both La and the UK I also love the soundtrack! here are my favourite moments in gifs;'

xmas-gif-1 xmas-gif-2

Hannah - Elf 

"I love Elf, first and foremost, because Buddy is so cute! His naive, child-like, character is hilarious to watch. Plus, New York City at Christmas; what is better than that? It gears me up for the festivities that this season offers every year."

Jo - Bad Santa 

"I love Bad Santa because it's a comedy that puts a spin on Santa Clause, yet it still gets me in the Christmas mood each year. It's hilarious; absolutely worth the watch!"

Harriet - The Grinch 

'My favourite Christmas film is the Grinch. The silly humour and adult innuendos make me laugh.  The imaginative WhoVille people are cute and munchkinlike. My Favourite scene in the film is the Christmas light device Martha May Whovier shows off with; if only we all had one of them, eh? The Grinch's trouble-making makes me giggle and Jim Carrey once again plays a hilarious roll."

Katie - National Lampoon's Christmas vacation 

 "My family and I, without fail, watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every year. It reminds us of the outrageous American houses that we used to see when we lived in the USA for a period of time. From the one bulb that doesn't work, to a failing Christmas dinner and a chaotic family; I think there is a part that we can all relate to in some way."

Farree - Holiday in Handcuffs

"Holiday In Handcuffs’ is my favourite Christmas movie because it tells the story of how life can get hard but there will always be something good to come out at the end of the rough patch. It also shows how two people can fall in love in different ways and I love this because it is sending the message to us that not every love story is a fairy tale. The ending of the film is brilliant; I could watch this film over and over again, and it wouldn’t get boring! I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Christmas movies."

Lucy - Father Christmas  

"This is one of my ultimate favourite Christmas classics.  I love to watch it every year with my children as it gets me into the Christmas spirit! The film is animated by the same production company as The Snowman, which is my second favourite Christmas film."

Well, that’s it our team’s favourite Christmas films. We would love to hear what yours are on our Twitter (@LittleWomenBras) or our Facebook page (Little Women Lingerie).
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you,
The Little Women team!

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