Meet the Team: CEO Interview

Meet the Team: CEO Interview

The online world seems to be increasingly fixated with body image and, (unfortunately) is filled with those who are not afraid to publicly put down anyone who doesn’t conform to this distorted image of how women should look.


Caroline Jackson, Managing Director of Little Women, explains why the brand’s increasingly rare and specialist approach is leading the way, not only in lovely lingerie for the smaller-boobed woman, but also bucking this insidious trend.

What are the key aims of Little Women?

“Our primary objective is to give women of smaller ‘boobage’ the opportunity to wear beautiful and glamorous lingerie, which is particularly designed and manufactured for their specific physiology. They need day-to-day practicality, coupled with beautiful design, detailing and finishing.

“Our customers are different from their bigger boobed sisters, and so Little Women bras, bralettes, briefs and lingerie sets are designed and made differently from the usual, run-of-the-mill underwear retailer’s approach of simplistically scaling up or down in terms of size.

“Smaller-cupped sisters want to look and feel as sexy as any other woman, because they are as sexy as any other woman. And that means women of all ages too - we have mature customers who have always longed to wear pretty underwear, to young girls buying their first bras with help from their mums. And every customer age group in-between.

“They can all trust and rely on us because we are something that is increasingly unique in the modern world – a specialist retailer.”

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What does Little Women do differently from other online retailers?

“Buying underwear in any setting is an intimate and personal activity. Many women don’t feel comfortable being measured or trying on bras in clinical changing rooms, often in extremely unflattering light. Whilst many of our customers complain of buying bras online from other that arrive and seem not to be at all the size they purported to be.

“We do all we can to remove purchasing obstacles and make the buying process informative, yet fun.”

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 “We provide a detailed measuring guide, as well as loads of advice about shape and fitting to help Little Women customers be as empowered as possible when it comes to selecting the perfect bra for them.

“We have a fantastically immediate and responsive chat service, who are quite literally on-hand, (albeit at a comforting arm’s length) to answer questions until 11pm at night.  We also have, during working hours, a brilliant customer care team on the end of the phone or on email who can answer any questions not only about fitting but about the bra styles we stock and which are most suitable for a customer’s needs. Pair that with our great customer service and unique specialist knowledge and understanding of the needs of women of all ages with smaller boobs, and it all adds up to the fact that anyone buying undies from Little Women, can buy with confidence.”

Where does Little Women stand on body shaming?

 “The online world - in particular social media - seems fixated by portraying false body images. We all know it’s simply rubbish, not to mention shallow. We all know full well that many of the images of women we see online have been doctored and altered to suit the current ideals of how women should look.

“Women today need to be mindful of not sleeping walking into trying to conform to this ridiculous stereotype, or cheapening ourselves into continual posing and pouting.

“Sadly, this current trend is not about the substance of a person, but their outward appearance. Validation as women comes from our actions, our beliefs and who we are as individuals – not from how we look. The psychological damage of despicable online body shaming is palpable; it’s something the Little Women brand and team strive to fight against. Daily!

Our ethos is to recognise that every single woman is beautiful. We want to empower more women to be loud and proud about who they are, regardless of size or shape. Beautiful women need beautiful underwear and lingerie and that’s what we provide. Every time.

By Kelly Rogers

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Little Women creates beautiful lingerie for women with cup sizes AAA-B. We are specialists in lingerie for smaller cup sizes and have more than 25 years' experience. Take a look at what’s new here, or get in touch with the team today for more information.


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