May The G L O W Be With You

May The G L O W Be With You

The month of May is such a lovely month! The weather is improving, the daylight hours are longer, people smile, the birds sing… It is quite lovely!  However, leaving those harsher months and moving into higher humidity and temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin.

So, let’s raid our cupboards and get this under control like, now


What will I need?

Natural Yoghurt 
Lemon Juice

Step 1

Take your natural Yoghurt and mix in a little honey (about a tablespoon) and prepare your skin for its first cleanse. Natural Yoghurt is amazing for cleansing, exfoliating and repairing the skin. The proteins found in natural yoghurt are like a super food for your skin coupled with the exfoliating properties of honey, it will leave your skin dewy and supple. Once you have cleansed, remove with damp cotton pads and we would recommend a little toner here but if you don’t have that, rose water will do just fine and allow your skin to sit for a moment.

Step 2

Mush up your strawberries and blueberries together along with a little yoghurt, to water the mixture down and apply to your skin.

Why these ingredients?

  • Strawberry is The Original Highlighter. Mother Nature wins again. If you want a bright and glowing complexion then strawberries are your bestest friend (rub a fresh Strawberry onto your teeth and see exactly what we mean!) 

  • Blueberries (along with many other dark berries) are filled with Tannins. The properties of this Natural Occurring Compound include tightening open pores and acts as an antioxidant against Free Radicals that cause cell damage 

Remove with cotton pads again and this is an added bonus, if you suffer with redness, puffiness or discomfort due to sensitivity, remove using Chamomile Tea (you’ll thank us later) 

Once you have clean skin, apply your favourite Serum, Moisturiser and SPF and you are good to G L O W! 


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