Little Women Donate to Bras Not Bombs

Little Women Donate to Bras Not Bombs

For a majority of people, bras are an everyday staple.

Normally you wouldn't have to travel far to find a local retailer that sells your size, and it only takes a second to go online.

Sadly, women in refugee camps across Europe and the Middle East do not have this luxury.

Pregnant women and rape victims are among the millions of female refugees who are having to deal with the discomfort and humiliation of not having any clean underwear.

One woman from Nottingham decided to do something about this.

Bras Not Bombs logo

Caroline Kerr started Bras Not Bombs after hearing about the lack of clean underwear in refugee camps.

The purpose of Bras Not Bombs is "to get good quality brassieres and knickers to refugees all over the world."

Bras Not Bombs stands by the fact that having clean underwear is a basic human right: "A strong bra for every strong woman fighting for [themselves and] their loved ones lives."

After hearing about this amazing cause last week, the LW team messaged Caroline to organise a donation.

bras for donation

Millie the LW office dog wanted to help with the donations!

Office dog Millie

This afternoon Caroline and her assistant Hannah kindly came over to collect our donations from LW and our sister company Fierce First.

Bras Not Bombs began in February 2016. Soon after, Caroline set up the Facebook group. To Caroline's pleasant surprise the group went viral!

The cause started out in Caroline's living room. But due to the popularity and numerous donations coming in, Caroline recently opened a charity shop in Nottingham.

Bras Not Bombs

Caroline and Hannah were thrilled with the donations from LW and FF!

We were told that due to the small sizes, our donations were going to young girls in Iraqi refugee camp. Caroline also told us that some of these young girls had recently escaped from Syria.

LW and FF will be donating all out of season stock to Bras Not Bombs in the future.

If you would like to volunteer at Bras Not Bombs or are interested in giving a donation, join Caroline's Facebook group Bras Not Bombs and send a direct message to Caroline.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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