Legendary Ladies: Florence

Legendary Ladies: Florence

Let's dive into the story behind one of our vibrant styles for Spring Summer 2024. We took inspiration for our Little Women Florence bra, from Florence Nightingale.         


Florence was a pioneering figure in nursing during the 19th century.

She initially gained fame for her work during the Crimean War, where she significantly improved the unsanitary conditions and bettered medical care for wounded soldiers, saving countless lives.

Her nightly rounds to tend to the wounded earned her the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp."

Florence’s emphasis on hygiene and patient care revolutionised nursing practices and laid the foundations for modern nursing. She had a massive impact on the 19th and 20th century policies surrounding proper care; her writings inspired worldwide health care reform.

After the war, Nightingale continued her healthcare reform efforts, advocating for improved hospital sanitation and healthcare for the poor. She founded the Nightingale Training School for Nurses, which became a model for nursing education worldwide.

Florence’s contributions to nursing and public health have had a lasting impact. She is considered the founder of modern nursing and is celebrated annually on International Nurses Day, May 12th. And although she passed away on August 13th in 1910, her practices and methodology continue to influence our healthcare today.

and how did she influence our design?...

 Who says inspiration can't come from unexpected places? 

 Florence Nightingale's dedication to caring for others and her pioneering spirit inspired us to create something bold and vibrant.     

Just like Florence brought light to the darkest of places, our Florence bra was made to bring a pop of colour and comfort to your wardrobe.

with love, 
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