Or it more a case of when it is NOT time to buy new lingerie. After all, can a girl really have too much of such a good thing?

Remember the old adage that, should the worst happen and a bus mount the pavement knocking you down, it would be prudent to be wearing clean undies? Sexy and stylish lingerie is a further demand on ‘clean’ from the Little Women style team.

Now, we don’t advocate this taking precedence over a speedy removal from said pavement to hospital, but the underwear department in this scenario is where we can help. Not only are we going to prepare you for everything from general daily life and work to an unexpected date, a chance meeting with an old flame to the odd errant bus. So, if any of the below reasons apply to you, it’s time to shop…


If your underwear is even remotely this grey it’s time to shop!

Grey’s Anatomy

Do the contents of your lingerie draw resemble the colour of dawn over the local coal-fired power station? Do you conjure up images of pigeons, thunder storms and old newspapers when you don your undies? If so, it’s time to brighten up your lingerie life with some new purchases.

Dishcloth grey will washout your skin tone and make even the laciest affair seem lacklustre – it’s time to go for something fresh and fancy.

On the plus side those greying pants will make perfect dusters – being the colour of dust and all!

The Little Women Sadie Bra is the perfect item for brightening up your lingerie drawer.

Baggy meets saggy

When you put your knickers on is there room in there for your shopping? Could you ditch your handbag and carry life’s necessities in both cups? If you suddenly raise your arms do your boobs come flying out under the band of your bra? If you’ve answered Yes to any of the above, then you know what you have to do! 

If you’re wearing your bra on the last hook it means that the support your boobs need to keep them perky is waning. And saggy pants will never enhance any figure. Treat yourself to something new and enjoy all the support Little Women offer as standard.


Alice bra and briefs SALE

Our gorgeous Alice bra and briefs is possibly the prettiest way to ensure your boobs are supported!

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A bit of bra-va-voom!

Add some oomph to your love life or simply live by an adage we do recommend – that if you look amazing, you’ll feel amazing. Nuff said ladies.

The Maison Lejaby Whisper bikini brief and triangle bra is the perfect set for mixing up your lingerie collection, so treat yourself today.

It would be rude not to

Look, who needs an excuse to buy new lingerie anyway? You might have a fit-to-bursting lingerie draw, full of gorgeous lacy, frilly fripperies, but there’s always room for more, isn’t there? And it would be rude not to.

Undisclosed Lace Bralette

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If that’s not enough incentive for you to add to your lingerie drawer, then we don’t know what is. Treat yourself - you know it makes sense.

By Kelly Rogers

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