Mother's Day Little Women Gift Guide

How to Have a Perfect Mother's Day

It's that time of the year again! The daffodils are growing, the sun is shining (kind of) and Mother's Day is just around the corner...

We are here to give you the best tips and advice to have the PERFECT day this Mother's Day. So lets begin...

1. Let's Bake!

Mother's Day weekend is the perfect time to use up all of those cupcake cases, sprinkles and kilograms of flour you have leftover in the cupboard. As Mother's Day is a great time to get the family together, we recommend baking a big layered cake or small cupcakes so it's easy to share out between everyone (and they look pretty impressive!)



All above images taken from our Mother's Day Pinterest Board

2. The Ultimate Gift Guide

When it comes to gifts, we've collated a bunch of ideas to help inspire you - from simple gifts such as a bunch of flowers, to more of a luxurious gifts like jewellery.

Mother's Day Little Women Gift Guide

1. Moonpig Bouquet - Shop Here

2.Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Delicate Oat Dream Gift Pack - Shop Here

3. Ted Baker Gift Set - Shop Here

4. Giorgio Armani Lipstick - Shop Here

5. Miss Dior Perfume - Shop Here

6. Little Women Molly Bra - Shop Here

7. The White Company Spring Candle - Shop Here

8. Pandora Charm - Shop Here

3. Time for a Trip Out

Not only is it nice to stay at home and create your own mini tea party, but it's also great to get everyone together and go on a family trip out! Once you add everyone together, we all know how expensive a meal out or an overnight stay can be. So, we've come up with a few suggestions for an easy, affordable day out...

1. Pack up those freshly baked cakes, make some sandwiches and create your own picnic!

Picnics are a great way to get the family together. Everyone can bring a selection of homebaked goods and bunch of different games such as rounders or football. This is a great way to get out into the sunshine and spend some quality time with your family!



(Images from Pinterest)

2. Get signed up to!

 Groupon is a great site to get the latest deals for any fun activities or trips away. Once you sign up, you can enter your address to help search for the latest deals near your postcode - perfect for saving on petrol!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 15.30.50

3. A trip to your local National Trust Park

 There are several National Trust Parks in the UK which offer great family activities for affordable prices. The National Trust are great at suggesting new and exciting activities suitable for all the family- Check out their '50 Spring Time Adventures' on their website!




We hope this has helped you create the perfect Mother's Day! Remember to tag us in all of your creations and pictures with the hashtag #littlewomenlingerie - we would love to see!

The Little Women Team


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