How to buy your daughters first bra

Every Girls’ (and Mums’!) Rite of Passage

It’s often summer when parents realise just how much their kids have grown, as gangly arms and lanky legs poke from within the confines of last year’s summer outfits or last term’s school uniform that no longer fit. But daughters can be growing in all directions; it’s at this point that a suitable bra for a young lady is required – and that’s where the appropriately named Little Women ( the underwear company catering for the more petite figure, comes in.

A first bra is a rite of passage for any girl; it marks the beginning of the metamorphosis from girlhood to womanhood and is a special moment that mums and daughters can share. A first bra must be many things – it must fit well, be comfortable and of course serve its purpose, but from a parent’s point of view there are several things it most definitely should not be.

“Underwear for a teenage girl should be a reflection of herself – it should give her confidence and not at all be about objectifying her newly emerging adult figure as something to be judged in terms of sexual availability to men!” Says CEO at Little Women, Caroline Jackson, with some passion. “We have designs that are a perfect in every sense for girls. Later, they can come back to our site and choose more adult bras as they mature. There is time aplenty for this and we’ve looked on with concern at other underwear brands that seem to push an unduly early sexualised agenda.”

However, that firmly said, it doesn’t mean either that buying their first bra should not be a fun and exciting moment for the little lady involved. Frumpy and lumpy, dull and boring simply do not feature in any of Little Women’s bra designs – for any age – and confidence enhancement takes precedence over figure enhancement in their ranges for schoolgirls, where the playground or changing room can hold fears for some.

Realising the challenge that parents face when trying to reach agreement with their daughters as to what underwear is suitable, the experts at have created a Guide to Buying Your Daughter’s First Bra. In light of the importance of this subject Little Women’s CEO, Caroline Jackson, has ensured an even hand by not merely suggesting their own ranges, but others that she and her expert team believe deliver quality and age appropriate first time bras for teens.

  • Firstly, there is usually a compromise to be reached between what a daughter wants and what mum or parents want. The Little Women experts have come up with some great compromise ideas that stay well within the bounds of what teens should and should not be wearing. Namely, plain and light for school, bright or patterned for after school and if it’s lace it must be fabric backed so it isn’t see-thru.

  • There are suppliers in the market for teen customers with realistic price points and charming products that doesn’t over-sexualise – Boobs and Bloomers, the Missy or LaChica ranges from Silhouette or indeed the hero bras Perfectly You or Very You from Little Women themselves.
    Very You Bra and Short available in white, peony and black
    Little Women advocate bras for all occasions in their adult ranges, and this is even more relevant in teen bras – the occasion is often school and therefore cotton bras in whites, nudes and pale shades are perfect for under school blouses. The ‘Very You’ range from Little Women (£26.75) is soft and comfortable and creates a natural shape.

  • Girls these days wear a lot of black or alternatively neon colours. There is nothing wrong in this for after-school teen outfits and careful shopping will exclude black bras, lacy see-thru designs or overly padded products. Redwood Girls ranges come in many on-trend colours, as do B.Tempt’d with bralettes and briefs in black, dazzling blue, purple cactus and delicate Mother of Pearl plus dewberry – a gorgeous vivid purple.
    Gorgeous Gingham Bra and Brief

  • Generally underwired bras feature more adult elements – stick to unwired and you can eliminate the less desirable products while searching online or shopping with your daughter. Again the range of unwired bras in Little Women’s ‘Softly You’ line offer choice and stylish designs perfect for teens with an eye on fashion and design.

  • Soft fresh cotton with a pretty floral design bra and briefSoft fresh cotton with a pretty floral design bra and brief

  • What could be more sweetly pretty than flowers? – printed fabrics provide diversity and design while steering clear of lacy see-throughs. This Little Women design (£27.50) has the added benefit of being cotton too, so ideal for hot summer days.

  • After all we’ve said about lace it’s always fine for edging a bra like this pretty ‘Ultra You’ design (£28.95)
    Soft sheer lace in perfect pink – bra and briefthat features straps that can be worn multi-ways, ensuring discretion for every outfit.

  • And finally, as we said before a bra must be fit for purpose and suit the occasion. Try Royce’s ‘My First Sports Bra’ a well-designed offering or Redwood Girls crop top style sports bras that feature funky edge design.The choices for young ladies to wear the right underwear at sensible prices have never been better, and we are proud to sell these lines alongside our own AAA – AA – A cup bras, which are all perfectly suitable for younger as well as the more grown up ladies amongst us.


The choices for young ladies to wear the right underwear at sensible prices have never been better, and we are proud to sell these lines alongside our own AAAAAA cup bras, which are all perfectly suitable for younger as well as the more grown up ladies amongst us.