How to Use Our Measuring Guide & Calculator

How to Use Our Measuring Guide & Calculator

We know that there are times when measuring your bra size can be a right hassle. Some websites may have an unnecessarily confusing guide and calculator or maybe you don't have the time to get measured professionally.

The team here at LW have created a step-by-step guide for you on how to use the Little Women Measuring Guide & Calculator which is on our website.

The LW measuring guide and calculator is specifically designed and aimed at individuals who have a petite breast size.

Before we get started, this guide should be used when measuring to buy the LW brand only. Different brands will vary in sizing.

Stage 1. Measure Your Under Bust

measuring under bust illustration guide

The under bust measurement is very important; this will determine your back size.

Step 1. For an accurate result remove your bra, you can measure over a t-shirt or on the skin it's completely up to you. For the sake of this guide, we have done our measurements over a t-shirt.

measuring on LW model guide

Step 2. Measure underneath your bust, around your body in inches. Hold the tape firmly but it should still be comfortable.

measuring close up guidemeasuring highlight guide

Step 3. Round up 1/4 and 1/2 inches: in the above picture, our LW model measures as 29.5" so we round up to 30". If you automatically measure up as a round number straight away there is no need to round up again.

Step 4. Enter measurement into Under Bust section on measurement calculator.

measuring calculator

Stage 2. Measure Your Cup

measuring cup size illustration guide

A vital measurement for discovering your bra size, this measurement will determine your cup size (if you hadn't already guessed!).

Step 1. Measure around the fullest part of your bust in inches, ensuring the tape is straight across your back.

measuring cup size guide

Step 2. Round up 1/4 and 1/2 inches: in the image below, our LW model measures as 31.5" so we round up to 32".

measuring cup size close-up guidemeasuring cup highlight guide

Step 3. Enter measurement into Cup section on measurement calculator.

measuring calculator

Stage 3. Discover Your Size

Step 1. Once you've calculated your under bust and cup size click on the Calculate My Size button.

Step 2. The page should automatically refresh and underneath the measurement calculator there should be a new box called My Measurement telling you your size, here is an example below:

measuring calculator results

The measurements from our LW model indicates that their bra size is a 34AAA in the Little Women range.

We hope this guide helps you in the future when you are buying our products. Tag us on social media in any new purchases from LW using the hashtag #LittleWomenLingerie



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