Get #datenight ready

Get #datenight ready

We recently had our SS17 #LittleWomen photo shoot

As you've probably seen, if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we had a ball of a day!

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We interviewed Josephine Way

josephine way MUA

Our very own MUA, who made up our model, Kate. We decided to get her very best top tips and products that she can't live without.

We wanted Kate's look to be simple, chic and fresh as we are all about embracing natural beauty rather than looking unnatural. We fully believe that if you enhance your natural features you will feel far more comfortable than trying to create a false look.

Here is our Interview below;

 What is your favourite make up brush?

Illamasqua Highlight Brush.


illamasqua ROUND BUFFING BRUSH - highlighting brush

Can be used for foundation, highlight, blush; really versatile. “Wouldn’t do my job without it”.

 What are the upcoming trends?

Soft, realistic make up is becoming more and more popular. People are moving away from the bold and bright, heavy contour and heaviness of 2016. The trend of natural, radiant, “enhancing what you have” is coming to the forefront with 2017, and is set to continue as the year progresses.

Think Natalie Portman vibes...

natalie portman make up 

What is your favourite foundation to use?

For an everyday use, I love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation.



Nothing with SPF in, as it results in looking too pale. Bobbie Brown or Illamasqua do really great foundations; there are enough shades and coverages to be for various skin types.

What is your Starbucks order?


Anything sugary! Loved a spiced latte or a caramel latte.

Curly or Straight Hair?

Prefer keeping my hair up, otherwise I like straight hair.

What’s good this season?

Rose gold is massively in at the moment.


It ties in with the ‘natural’ look as pinks and highlights are currently in trend, as it just works with what you have. It is important to remember that “trends do change”. For example, in 2016, contouring was really important and this year, people are asking, “how can I look the best version of myself?”

Any tips for the perfect winged Eyeliner?

This season’s hair?


Boho plaits, or blow dry soft, natural style.

What does a perfect #datenight make up look like?

Soft, Smoky eye, full black lashes, soft pink shades for blush, highlight.

date night make up

What's the best type of make up for Oily skin?

Avoid oil-based products; whether that be liquid or otherwise. Primer is important, and there is such a varied selection that this can be suited to the individual’s skin, such as matte primers. Setting spray or fine powders reduce excess oils in the skin too.

Do you have a favourite lipstick?

Charlotte Tilbury lipgloss; preferably a nude shade.


However, I do like a YSL classic red lip.

Try the Rouge pur couture in shade 'Le rouge' below;


Little women


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