This blog was written by one of Little Women’s customers who contacted us a while back explaining that she was an athlete and struggled to find underwear for her smaller chest and athletic figure. We’re extremely happy Catherine found us! 

After receiving this email from Catherine, we were inspired by her story, as Little Women are all about supporting successful ladies and wanted to share her story with you guys. We were extremely pleased when she agreed to allow us to do so!

Catherine competing

I’m a busy Mum, a part-time personal trainer and sports massage therapist. My side-line businesses include spray tans, gel nails and my own brand of perfume called Varenna. In my spare time I compete in athletics events. Last year, after winning in my age group I became the Masters A European Biathle Champion (run/swim/run).

Since I was a child I’ve always been into sports. It’s my escape time and freedom, a break from everything else in life. I run with an empty head! But I love the feel-good factor afterwards – the runner’s high!

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Competing in sport provides more than just fitness. I’m lucky to have made some great friends through sports clubs and the social side always makes it more fun.

Any type of sport involves putting yourself out there with groups of people and being on display to an audience. It’s not something I think about when I’m competing, but over time it has enabled a self-awareness and confidence in my body image that’s spread positively to other areas of my life too.

Catherine running

Now I try to encourage others. My six-year-old daughter runs, and she has lots of outdoor play activities. She also sees me on the treadmill and in the gym and thinks that’s what all Mum’s do. I try to promote healthy living to both my daughter and my clients. It’s a lifestyle choice, which involves a good diet alongside an exercise routine. But I don’t deny myself. Life would be dull without treats! I’m a fan of the 80/20 rule – eating mainly natural and home cooked meals and cutting out processed foods. For me it’s about finding a balance and enjoying life!

Naturally I’ve always been lean and retaining my athletic figure in my forties is a result of being active. Genetics defines your body type, but I tell my clients that it’s about making the most of yourself and learning to love what you’ve got.

Growing up I was envious of girls with bigger boobs. You always want what you can’t have. But teenage years are a self-conscious time, especially for many girls as body shape and size changes. But now I joke that for me big boobs would just get in the way! I like to think that the best things come in small packages. That’s what I found when I discovered some of the beautiful, lacy lingerie created by Little Women.

Juliet Bra

You can shop the lingerie we create here including the Juliet which is pictured above.

Previously, on the high street I struggled to find pretty lingerie that fitted well. Sometimes it meant that I wouldn’t bother wearing anything. But sport is a different matter. Participating in high impact sports, such as running, requires a good supportive undergarment. A good sports bra is a necessity and can be hard to find.

I was asked how to find my perfect sports bra for a small chest. It’s tricky to determine without trying one on, and you don’t usually get to take products for a test drive before you buy. But there are certain features I always check for. Firstly, for me it’s about comfort. It needs to hold me in place without being too tight or interfering with breathing. I need it to perform by fully flexing and moving with my body. If it doesn’t fit well then it can cause rubbing and irritation on the skin. Sometimes the thicker elasticated bands can dig in. I prefer the smaller bands and fabric with a smooth, lightweight and soft feel. Sweat wicking properties in the material are preferable to help me stay drier. I don’t mind a bit of padding for winter runs and it can do a good job of enhancing my smaller assets! Lastly, I want to like what I wear. This is purely aesthetic and personal preference but given a choice I love bright colours. Ultimately, it’s function over aesthetics. If it’s doing a good job, then I barely notice it’s there.

Sportjock Bra

Shop the sports bras we sell here including the Sportjock Bra which is pictured above.

As Catherine said the best things come in small packages and that’s why we make lingerie for smaller chested ladies.

By Catherine Tinker

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