Can I Change the Sizes of My Order?

Can I Change the Sizes of My Order?

Need to change your size of your order?

No problem; we have the answers!


"Dear The Little Women Team,

I’ve realised that I have mistakenly ordered the wrong size.

I ordered a 32 AAA but I need a 32 AA instead.

Is there any way I could rectify this, and if so, how would I go about it?

Kind regards, Beth"


Hi Beth,

Thank you very much for your question; it is very much appreciated.

With regards to changing orders, there are two ways you could go about this:

Firstly, you could contact the Live Chat assistants on our website.

They would then direct you to our in-house team.

Secondly, you can either cancel your order completely and re-order, which will include you having to re-enter your payment details;

or the team will work with you to manually change your order in our office.

Should you wish to directly contact our team, this can be done by either

emailing us at or calling us on 0115 977 1770.

We advise you try to contact us before 12pm the next working day, as the process of changing your order will be significantly easier.

Furthermore, if you have any further questions regarding this query, we are available 9-5pm, Monday to Friday, to chat through anything.

We hope this answers your question, Beth.

Thanks again,

The Little Women Team



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