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How To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady

How to buy lingerie for your lady (and still be together by NYE)

 Guys, listen up – we understand that the lingerie department is uncharted territory for most of you. It can bring even the most Alpha of males out in a cold sweat. But hey – thankfully it’s the 21st century and you can buy beautiful lingerie online! Hurrah! Whatever stage your relationship is in, a gorgeous set of lingerie is a wonderful gift to give and receive.

 But what’s that, you say? You still don’t know your balcony from your bralette, your AAA from your B? Fear not – Little Women is here to help. Check out our foolproof guide to buying underwear for your lovely lady.


Okay – this bit is pretty essential. You’ll have to get a little undercover here and check the size of one of her current bras. Whether she’s wearing it at the time is entirely down to you…

If you’re truly stumped then speak to a salesperson, or if online you can ask questions via live chat, or even call if you’re feeling brave.

Belinda Dibrowa from lingerie specialist, Little Women, says: “Guys needn’t worry – we deal with hundreds of queries every week from women and men. There’s no question we haven’t heard, and we will be able to help guide you if you’re at a loss as to what to do! We use live chat on our site, or people are always welcome to email or call us.”


First – think about your lady’s general style. Is she glamour personified, or is she more of a sports luxe gal? What we’re trying to say is that while this is a special gift, it shouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable – so no spinning nipple tassels! That said, a t-shirt bra won’t cut the mustard – comfy as they may be, they’re an everyday essential and don’t fall into the ‘special gift’ category. Don’t forget colours either – if you’re not sure then opt for classic black.

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little women little luxuries

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Beautiful lingerie is a wonderful gift – once you’ve found the perfect bra, don’t forget to pair it with the matching knickers. Most bras will be part of a set at Little Women, and where that’s not the case then we suggest a good pairing for your purchase. Think about the added extras before you finish – silky nightgowns, eye masks or slinky stockings will take your present up a notch.

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You’ve gone to all that effort, so why stop now? Wrap it in layers of lovely paper, or present it in a tissue-filled box. Have a glass of something fizzy ready to go, and a glint in your eyes. Your brownie points will be off.the.scale.

little women little luxuries

little women little luxuries

If you’re looking for something special, check out our Grace lingerie set. Its elegant design and silky fabric looks as good as it feels. In black, grey and blush, with matching knickers.

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Little Women creates beautiful lingerie for women with cup sizes AAA-B. We are specialists in lingerie for smaller cup sizes and have more than 25 years' experience.

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