Bra Myths

Bra Myths

During our many years in the lingerie industry we have heard some rather odd bra related myths at LW HQ and we thought it was about time we shed some light on these myths and why they should be ignored!

The first myth we will be addressing is;

you are the same bra size in every bra!

This is completely untrue.  At Little Women we like to think bras are kind of like shoes. You know what shoe size usually fits well, but the fit of shoes in different styles, shapes and brands can differ.

Those with smaller breasts don’t need to wear a sports bra.

 When it comes to protecting your breasts whilst exercising, size does not matter. The tissue still moves about and can become strained, whether you’re a AAA or a DD cup you need some support whilst exercising. This is why we stock sports bras, including the award winning Sportjock bra!


Sleeping with a bra on will keep your breasts perky forever. 

A lot of people believe this one. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest it's true! The perkiness of your breasts is mainly changed by natural causes such as age, pregnancy or breast feeding. These changes are completely natural and nothing at all to be afraid or ashamed of.


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The only part of a bra that is supportive is the cups.

This is also false! The majority of the support - and in fact the 'work' of the bra is from the underband. This is why it’s so important for your underband to fit perfectly. It should comfortably sit horizontally around your body without riding up or digging in. 

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The only way to make small boobs look bigger is to wear a bulky push-up bra. 

This is very wrong! When you discover your perfect bra size and style the right bra will perfectly support your breasts and give them a subtle natural lift. 

(If you are looking for a push-up bra though, our Pearl bra was designed specifically for small cups and gives an extremely natural boost)

 What’s the funniest bra myth you’ve ever heard?

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