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The bra is an everyday essential piece of clothing for most women. Today you can get a range of bras from bralettes, to triangle bras to push-up bras and more. Bras come in all different shapes, sizes and wonderful materials, but how clued up are you on your bra facts? Become the bra aficionado of all your gal pals with our list of interesting Bra Facts. Who knows, these facts may come in hand one day if you're taking part in a pub quiz! Enjoy.

Who invented the bra?

Bra-like pieces of clothing can be dated back all the way to Ancient Greece. Minoan women wore a specialised garment that was designed to restrain their breasts when participating in athletic activities - the worlds first sports bra!

In actuality, no-one can say for sure who invented the bra because bra-esque items can be dated back throughout history. There have been a few key contributors to the creation of the modern bra. Including Herminie CadolleMarie Tucek, and Sigmund Lindauer.

However, Mary Phelps Jacob's (known later in life as Caresse Crosby) brassiere design is widely recognized as the basis for the modern bra.

Where does the word bra come from?

The word bra is short for brassiere. Vogue first used the term brassiere in 1907. By 1911, the word had officially made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary.

 What was the first modern bra made out of?

Mary Phelps Jacob created the first backless bra from two handkerchiefs and a single pink ribbon over a century ago in 1914.

How many different types of bras are there?

Over 35!

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These include the sports bra, strapless, bralette, bandeau, maternity, backless and t-shirt to name a few.

What is the UK's average breast size? (Including breast enhancements and reductions).

This has increased massively in the last 50 years. From a 34B to a 36DD.

Women didn't burn their bras in the 60s.

During the feminist liberation of 1960s USA, a rumour occurred that women across the country burned their bras in protest. Sorry to disappoint, but that's a myth! There was indeed a protest in 1968 at a Miss America Pageant, but protesters threw their bras into bins.

How often should bras be replaced?

Every six to nine months.

Over 80% of women worldwide are wearing the wrong size bra

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According to bra experts, most of us ladies are wearing the wrong size bra. This may be down to weight loss/gain, having a child, not checking your bra size in over a year etc. It's important to check your bra size at least once a year.

Sleeping in a bra: Yay or Nay?

There are those who believe that sleeping in a bra can help reduce sagging, and there are those who think sleeping in a bra is extremely bad for. Actually, there's no solid proof that sleeping in a bra is helpful nor harmful. Dr Amber Guth, an associate professor of surgery and director of the Breast Cancer Surgery Multidisciplinary Fellowship at NYU Langone Medical Center, states that sagging and changes in the breast are due to "pregnancy, breastfeeding, time and gravity.”

How many bras does the average woman own?

9 but they only wear 6.



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