Caroline Jackson – CEO, successful online retailer and businesswoman with two thriving brands that have been trading and growing for years, a woman with multiple investments across sectors as diverse as travel and technology, and a business leader regularly asked to appear at conferences and on radio talk shows - loves all things retail and shopping… well, almost!


What Caroline doesn’t like is when shopping – and especially Christmas shopping, which should be the most fun and altruistic of the year – is turned into an undignified free-for-all that bears all the resemblance and decorum of a rugby scrum.


Caroline says:

“I love shopping. I run both of my businesses from a genuine love of retail and endeavour to provide a pleasant experience through great customer service and personal interaction, via our online services like chat, email and advice. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer none of this customer-focused service; they’re an experience that might even leave you with a black eye or a bruised shin more than pleasant memories of helpful sales assistants.

“At this time of year shopping - even food shopping - becomes and joy. The shops look amazing and you’re buying presents for your loved ones, imagining their faces on Christmas Day when they open your lovingly bought gift - then suddenly it’s no longer about that. It’s turned into some sort of imported frenzy, where all the people who planned and saved for their treasured item every other day of the year, find that the price has been slashed by 50% or more and they feel conned.

“As a conscientious retailer I would never want to do this to my loyal customers, those who spend year-round, when they need or want to, with us. It’s insulting! At both of my retail brands, Little Women – a specialist small cup bra brand, and Taylor and Jackson – a curated handbag and accessory brand, we offer regular promos, offers and sale events so our customers can bag a bargain and feel valued by us at the same time. Our buying advice and customer service, whether for sales or simply inquiries, remain the same whether there’s a discount or not. We never compromise on classy, conscientious customer service – it’s never pile high, price low and watch the ensuing bunfight.

“We live in a materialistic enough society, one where big, global brands dominate the market. All markets in fact! They’ve had a devastating effect on the high street meaning community hubs, where young and old alike could mingle, are sadly often deserted and depleted. Online, bespoke traders, like us, who pay attention to detail - the needs, wants and expectations of customers - have a better chance to earn a loyal following and set an example to the new consumer of tomorrow – namely our children – to show them that money isn’t the be all and end all, and one size doesn’t fit all.

Finally Caroline concludes:

“Whilst I wish everyone good luck in bagging their big Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and congratulate the relative few who will get them, at  Little Women and Taylor and Jackson we’ll continue to offer fair prices and great customer services all year round.”

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