Be The Best You With Our New Little Women Poppy Bra

Be The Best You With Our New Little Women Poppy Bra

These are exciting times at Little Women HQ this week. We have new ranges starting to arrive in stock with more to follow and they’re all stunning. The Little Women Poppy bra is one bra we really need to shout about – it's so pretty and fresh and we're certain it'll be a firm favourite.   As with all our Little Women bras, the Poppy bra has been specifically designed to be a bra for the smaller bust. This makes it a must have for any woman aspiring  - or adding to - a stylish petite lingerie collection. The Little Women Poppy bra is styled in a stunning floral, poppy design, made from delicate Italian embroidery. The elasticated sheer mesh wings provide amazing support and comfort while maintaining a stylish look meaning there is so much choice when it comes to the outfits you want to wear the set under.
The Little Women Poppy bra is a great choice of bra if you’re going for a gorgeous professional look. The design of the Poppy allows it to be worn perfectly under more professional outfits as its balconette style will give you defined shape under smart wear such as blazers, jackets and work shirts and blouses. This is also the ideal bra if you want to maintain a professional image without having to give up any levels of comfort we’re used to at home. Our recommendation would be wearing the Poppy under white blouse, white blazer and black trousers to perfect that sharp, slick image.
If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for something to make you feel beautiful. Finding that outfit that can take our confidence to the next level.  It can be a nightmare but it is very achievable. The Little Women Poppy bra and brief set complements all styles of evening wear while keeping that level of comfort up at the same time. The Little Women Poppy bra is very much a part of the Little Women group ethos – everyone counts! No matter your body shape or bust size, wear the Poppy matching set for no one but yourself and feel your self-confidence grow. We recommend the Poppy for long, slender evening gowns, dresses or a t-shirt if that’s your style.
Now for the key question – can we lounge round the house in it? Well ladies, we can! The Poppy bra is extremely comfortable due to the soft, delicate fabric and the fact there are no wires but still keeps you supported and boosted. If you’re anything like me, matching underwear isn’t a common requirement when I just want to be lazy yet comfy and this bra suits that down to a tee! T-shirts? Hoodies? Sweat pants? All perfect, comfortable clothes that can be worn with the Poppy.

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