Add a Zing to your Step with our LW Essential Oil Guide

Add a Zing to your Step with our LW Essential Oil Guide

What do you think of when you think of Essential Oils? For us, we think of a softly lit spa room; harmonious music, the tranquillity of a water fountain running softly in the background and suddenly, calm.

The power of smell, Olfaction, is closely linked with memory maybe more so than any other of our senses. Those who run at full Olfactory function may be able to provoke the most powerful memories from the smell of a daffodil or freshly landed rain. Not only is this function closely linked with Memory, it is also able to alter your emotions.
Why would we want to change the way we feel? Ahh, a good question. Waking up in the morning for example, not feeling quite “you”, you are tired and lacking in inspiration. Ever been there? Of course you have, we all have and it is in scenarios such as this essential oils can make a huge difference!

 Uplifting Essential Oils*

  • These essential oils are used to improve overall mood and increase productivity
    • Bergamot – Can help to Uplift and focus the mind
    • Mandarin – This cheery scent helps to reduce stress and tension
    • Sage – Helps to boost your spirit whilst calming your mind and increasing levels of alterness
    • Orange – An all round upper!
So there we have it, an instant Zing in your step 
*We urge you research these oils before you begin use to see which are suitable and which aren’t. Some essential oils also come with Contra-Indicatory factors that must be taken seriously. If you find you may not be suited to an Essential oil or are pregnant, care must always be taken.
LW x
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