A Strapless Bra That Works

A Strapless Bra That Works

Strapless bras are one of those items that most women own but very rarely wear. This is usually because it is ill-fitting, uncomfortable and we seem to spend most of the time trying to re-adjust it under our clothes.

RetroChick, an online blogger who knows her bustiers from her brassieres, recently expressed her frustrations at the difficulties of finding a decent strapless bra and, from a woman who really seems to know her lingerie, if she’s having trouble, what hope do the rest of us have?

There is a misconception that women who require smaller bras have it easy when it comes to finding a good strapless bra. After all, there’s less to hold up, right? But it’s not that simple.

It’s not just about staying up, but also comfort and how your bra looks under your outfit. When you’ve got your glad-rags on, the last thing you want is to spend the evening trying to subtly rearrange your underwear!

How do strapless bras work?

strapless_blackYou may think that with all bras, strapless and non-strapless, it is the straps that keep you supported, but it is actually the band around your chest that does all the work.

The straps simply pull the cups against your skin and keep them flat under your clothes.

Strapless bras are designed so that you don't need the straps to pull the cups against your skin.

However, many types of strapless bras will come with straps separately so you can change the look of your bra depending on your outfit.

Do I get the same size strapless as my regular bra?

Whenever you are buying a strapless bra, it is recommended that you go one size down in the band and one size up in the cup. So, if you are normally a 28A, go for a 26B. This is because the band is the primary form of support and it needs to fit snug to your body.

Don't be tempted to go for anything smaller than one size down. If your bra is too tight, it will always slip down towards your waist as the elastic contracts. One size smaller than your regular size will be fine - it should be tight but not restricting.

If you're not sure which size of bra you should be buying, head over to our Measuring Guide to find your perfect fit.

How to get the cups to lie flat?

strapless_tanSometimes you’ll find the cup lips at the top of your strapless bra don’t lie flat against your skin and, depending on your outfit choice, this can cause an unsightly lump under your clothes.

When buying your new strapless, look for ones with silicone or rubber grips that run along the edge of the cup and help it to stick to your stick. Not only will this stop your bra for moving about when you wear it, but it will also help it to lie seamlessly against your skin.

If you having trouble getting the silicone or rubber to grip, don’t use moisturiser on the area of skin where your bra sits. Try to go natural and it will help your bra find a proper grip.

Can I get a push up strapless bra?

Yes you can!

Moulded cups on a strapless bra will give you added support as well as an enhanced look. Because you don't have the straps to lift the cups, a moulded cup will give you shape without flattening your breasts.

Choosing a bra with underwire will also give added shape and support if you are worried about your strapless bra flattening your chest.

You can also look for strapless bras that include a longline style. This is where the band of the bra is wider and ends further down your chest, like a bustier. Not only does this help improve your overall shape but also adds an extra lift to your chest.

Do strapless bras need any special maintenance?

strapless_whiteIt is recommended that you not only hand wash strapless bras, but all of your bras, as it helps to maintain the bra's shape

Washing machines can damage the structure of any bra and it will last much longer with a bit of TLC.

Additionally, with strapless bras, high temperatures can damage the silicone or rubber grips that help keep your bra in place.

If you don’t have time to spare for a hand wash, use the Delicate or Hand Wash setting on your washing machine and use a wash bag to prevent the hooks from snagging on other items.

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