7 Reasons to Love Pearl

7 Reasons to Love Pearl

Little Women is proud to introduce our first padded bra designed specifically for AAA-B cups. Before we released Pearl to the general public, the LW team tried and tested the bra. We came up with 7 reasons why you're going to love Pearl.

Pearl Bra in Peony

1. Seamless Cups

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm buying a bra priority number one is that it should have seamless cups. This is an important factor because with Pearl I can wear t-shirts and tight-fitting clothing without getting pesky bra lines.

2. Removable Pads

The bra is equipped with two easily removable pads and built-in light padding. The removable pads allow you to customise the boost to suit you. The bra is fitted with two mesh cradle inserts that cleverly boosts your bust. Caroline Jackson, CEO of LW, explains that the Pearl bra gives women a cleavage they desire.

Pearl Removable Pads

3. Extremely Comfortable

Padded bras are traditionally known for being extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, the LW bra specialists have found a solution to this age-old problem with the creation of the Pearl bra. This bra is non-wired and comes with super soft, light-as-a-feather, built-in padding.

4. Authentic Cleavage

The Pearl bra creates an authentic, natural-looking cleavage. Harriet, LW's creative assistant, noted that the difference with the Pearl bra, compared to other push-up bras, is that the results looked so natural.

Authentic cleavage

5. Contours to Your Body 

Pearl's intelligent design means that this bra contours beautifully to your body. Which means...

Pearl contours to your body

6. No Gaps

Hallelujah! Most padded bras for smaller busts leave massive gaps in between the breast and the bra itself. We can confidently say that this does not happen when you wear Pearl. Charlotte, LW's media intern, said that the bra laid neatly against the rest of her chest.

7. Soft

This bra is luxuriously soft thanks to the satin finish. To me this bra was so comfortable it felt like I was wearing a normal t-shirt bra.

Super Soft

LW would love to know what you think about our newest padded bra. Tag us in your snaps on social media in your new Pearl bra by using the hashtag #LittleWomenLingerie



Little Women is a company that specialises in small cup bras. Little Women have a wide selection of beautiful, luxury bras in various styles and colours to suit any small bust size needs. Discover Pearl today, Little Women's newest and most comfortable bra yet.

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