7 Little Women Black Bras You Need in Your Drawer This Autumn

7 Little Women Black Bras You Need in Your Drawer This Autumn

Little Women Perfectly You Bra

Our best seller across all of our ranges. Our Perfectly You bra is a must have for any woman looking for comfort and style. Notable for its sophisticated, grown-up styling as well as its great quality fabric and design.

Little Woman Very You

Our Very You bra is exactly what it is says it is – it’s very you! This bra does everything it needs to for women with a smaller bust size. The padding and removable cups allows you to receive that confidence boost you desire!

Little Women Jade Strapless Bra

Our gorgeous, Jade Strapless bra is your go to bra if you’re looking at that perfect night out! Sleek, stylish and comfortable, our Jade bra complements the classiest of evening wear.

Lulu Stretch Lace Underwired Bra

The bra that you won’t want to rip off after a long, hard day! Our Lulu Stretch Lace Underwired bra is a perfect support for the professional woman. Comfortable and delicate, this is a great new addition and is already proving to be one of your favourites.

Little Women Natalie Bra

Our Little Women Natalie bra is one of the softest and prettiest bras we have. Known for its incredibly soft cut and fixed pads giving ever so gentle shaping with a natural look, while the super pretty mesh and lace overlay give the illusion of lift and shape

Little Women Roxy Bra

Our Little Women Roxy bra lives up entirely to its name – it rocks! Crafted specifically for women with smaller boobs, this supremely pretty, lacy, non-wired bra is also highly fashionable with its long line and bustier design. The Roxy bra is bang on when it comes to lingerie trends.

Little Women Pearl Bra


Our Little Women Pearl bra one of our favourite T-Shirt bras and yours too. Our Pearl bra has a brilliant soft mesh cradle inside the cup that holds two removable cookies which will boost your cleavage beyond your wildest dreams.



Little Woman Are Proud Specialists of Bras for Small Busts

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