5 things you didn't know about sports bras

5 things you didn't know about sports bras

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon 2016, we look at _ weird facts about sports bras!

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 1- They are a relatively new invention!




The first sports bra was invented in 1975! Amazingly, the first sports bra was only developed in the 70s and offered no support to the women (!?!?) who wore them. It was called the Free Swing Tennis Bra. It wasn't until the 1980's that women had individual cups built into the bra which provided vital support especially for larger breasts.

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2 - Jogging and running are equal!


Joanna Scurr (University of Portsmouth) discovered during her research that breasts move in equal amounts when a women is jogging or sprinting. Which means that good support in a sports bra is essential for all women. She determined that there is 73% less movement with a sports bra compared to a regular bra.


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3 - Sports bras need regular washing!

A good sports bra needs a wash every 1-3 wears. Sweat, dirt and bacteria break down the fibres of the bra which make it less effective. Also exposing your sports bra to high heat or fabric softener can damage the technical fibers. It is worth investing in a safe detergent to use like our SOAK wash! Available in a variety of fragrances.



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4  - Breasts are heavy!

The Average breast weighs 200 -300g! This weight means the damage done by not wearing a sports bra irreversible as breasts can bounce up to 14cm!

5 - There are no muscles in breasts




While one in three marathon runners experience pain in the breast while running, there aren't actually any muscles in your breasts. The strain caused by running or exercise is called the Cooper's ligament which is the connective tissue that supports the breast. 



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