5 Best bras for small boobs

5 Best bras for small boobs


 Us smaller boobed sisters are lucky. Yes, lucky! We don’t need more engineering than Tower Bridge when it comes to our petite bras, neither do we need straps that wouldn’t look out of place on a parachute! We can have delicate lacy little lingerie numbers that, once removed, a flash flood of pure boobage doesn’t descend knee-wards!  Our boobs show decorum and our bras know how to slip to the floor with grace, not a thud.

We at Little Women are experts in bras for petite builds and smaller breasted figures, so in this blog we are going to share our hard-won knowledge and tell you what bras are best for your lovely, small, yet well-behaved, boobs.

Pearl’s a winner!

We love our unique Pearl range. It’s comfy, supportive and gives just the right amount of oomph. It’s an all-rounder being great for work - looking fab under blouses or tees - or a night out – its plunge front allowing for a slinky, low-cut neckline! Available in black or peony.

Our Grading: Best All-Round Bra

Perfect for you, no matter what your mood!

Our Perfectly You bra does exactly what it says on the label – it’s perfect for you… But don’t take our word for it – it’s our customers that say so and they must be right as it’s our best-selling bra. With enough subtle padding to give any girl a lift and gently simmering lace, it’s as pretty as it is perfect. It also comes with extra padding should you want to boost the perfection levels. Available in black, white and peony.

Our Grade: the most perfectly adaptable, best-selling bra

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Make the most of your assets


This bra goes in all cups blazing and with no holds bra-d! With no wires but uber-padded our Enhance Bra is as comfortable as it is show-stopping, and is also suitable for post bilateral mastectomy. Available in choice of pink and white or black and white.

Our Grading: Our most asset boosting bra

The perfect tee-s

soft sensation bra

This bra just tells it like it is; you’re beautiful no matter what your cup size. End of! The Soft Sensation T-shirt Bra is only slightly padded and with no wires or seams it’s perfect under tee-shirts and blouses and comes in a choice of 3 colours.

Our Grading: the best for seamless styling

And finally…. The Bralette.

It wouldn’t be right to leave the bralette out of our awards, as it has been the biggest bra story of 2018! This delightfully lacy number - appropriately named the Lace Kiss Bralette - is set to be big in 2019 too, as the crop top look will be all the rage. It comes in lots of different colours and has matching briefs too.

Our Grading: the best for 2019

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 So, there you have it straight from the small boob experts, but if you have another opinion, if you think one of our fabulous bras has been unfairly overlooked then get straight onto the LW style team via our social media links below and tell them so!

By Kelly Rogers

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