10 reasons why you should love your small breasts!

10 reasons why you should love your small breasts!

So as you all know, here at LW HQ we're all about loving what you have

and we are constantly buying in new stock to make you feel and look great.


We wanted to get personal and ask our small busted beauties why they love their small chests and thought that we'd get social. We headed straight to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to ask lots of ladies what's the best thing about having a small chest, here's what they had to say;



"I always used to hate the fact that I had small boobs, as a lot of my fiends were all at least a C up or bigger! I'm a small A cup and have only just started to feel comfortable with my small boobs! I love the fact that I can wear low plunge tops without a bra and don't feel trashy.Also I can just go bra-less when a lot of my friends can't!  " - Alice, 24

2. It's a lot easier to find sports bras!

" I love my small chest as I don't have to spend a fortune on a sports bra as I don't need as much support!" - Viv, 19

3. You can wear soft bras without wires or padding!


" I love having a small chest, I'm size 34 AA and i admit, when I was younger it would get me down as it was all about push up bras! But now I can wear nice soft bras as i don't need as much support as say a larger chest. Its great if you want to wear a backless dress or top too! " - Harriet, 29

4. #Bralettes were made for you!

" I think when i was younger it was always 'the bigger the better' however now you see on social media that its better to have little boobs! I'm a 34 AAA and have always struggled to find that perfect fitting bra that makes me feel feminine - now i LIVE in lace bralettes! They are super pretty, sooo comfortable and look really nice with v-necks and low cut tops!  as the lace shows slightly. with celebs like Kendall Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow rocking the bralette trend i think it shows that the #bralette is here to stay! Woohoo! " - Jade, 34

5. You can go strapless without the worry


Strapless bras have always been a struggle for larger breasted women, however when you have a smaller bust your breasts tend to be lighter therefore you can have a prettier bandeau / strapless bra that is super comfy but still hold you in place all day!

6. It's super easy to go bra shopping!


At LW we have an amazing range of AAA to A  and B cup bras that won't make you feel like a child. We have a lot of customers that say they they are sick of having to go to the kids/teen departments of the shops to get small but good fitting bras!Well... you'll be happy to know that now you've found us you wont have to go anywhere else. With our new small luxury lingerie range and brands that you know and love like,; Triumph, Sloggi and After Eden we have the biggest range for small busted ladies in the UK.You can give us a call and speak to one of our lovely lingerie assistants or email us if you prefer. We will always help you find the colours, and styles best for you (we're pretty obsessed with lingerie to be honest) & did we mention it's also free shipping for ALL our UK customers so grab your laptop, make yourself a pumpkin spice latte and browse! 

7. You can wear pretty much any swimwear you like..

Cara Delevingne in swimsuit

So think of the bandeau bikini as your best friend.."Come the summer I'm always the envy of my larger boobed friends because they have to spend A LOT more on wired/support/lift and i can get away with pretty much any style bikini as I don't need as much support! Of course, if I want padding and shape then I'd choose something like the Polka dot bikini as it's perfect for that! Also I love a full swimsuit and i can wear pretty much all styles, backless, plunge, halter whereas my best friend is a D and she is super limited as she always needs that waist band for support!"  - Hannah, 22 (our technologist) 

 8. You can wear pretty lace back bras with super chic details!

A very quick way to add a chic twist to your outfit is to wear a bra/bralette with pretty back details such as the B.Provocative Bralette as shown above on the gorgeous @lurchhoundloves. Again a lot of B cup+ ladies say that they find these difficult to wear as this type of back usually doesn't provide enough support to hold them securely. 

9. You can have a bra free day! 

One of the great reasons for loving your small boobs! You can go bra-less and they wont get in your way! If you feel too 'naked' without a bra then try the Sloggi EverNew N Bra. It comes in 5 colours and will emphasise your natural beauty and fits perfectly!women-non-wired-bras-sloggi-evernew-non-wired-bra

10. You Have Better Posture

Larger breasted ladies tend to suffer with back pain from a large chest as they weigh so much  for example; ( A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds ) and  with a smaller chest you are less likely to pulled forward because of their weight! 

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