When it comes to boobs big isn’t better! And here’s 10 reasons why small boobs are best.

As lingerie specialists who delight in crafting bras for women with small boobs, Little Women know a thing or two about the benefits of petite boobage. So, here’s out top ten reasons to love your small ones.

Bakewell Tart SMALL BOOBS

In our expert opinion, small boobs are sweet

Reason One:
You’ll never get back ache from heavy pendulous breasts – Did you know a pair of D cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds (7 to 10 kilos). That’s the weight of a pretty hefty new born baby strapped to your chest day and night.

Reason Two:
Feet! Sometimes it is important to see one’s feet, like if your tackling a tricky set of stairs after a few vinos or a wet pavement on the way home from the pub. And of course, you get to see all your lovely shoes, in situ, without having to use a mirror.

Reason Three:
Bralettes were made for ladies like you, and aren’t they just divine? That said, even small cup bras must provide support, just like ours do, but they don’t have to have more engineering than the Forth rail bridge to do so.
Lace Perfection Bralette SMALL BOOBS

We adore this Lace Perfection Bralette by Wacoal

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Reason Four:
Small boobs don’t get in the way of everyday life. Ladies with petite puppies can run for the bus or chase down a bolting toddler without looking like they’ve two real-life puppies fighting up their jumper. You can drink from a long-stemmed wine glass without having to stick you gob beyond your boobs and your cleavage will never be a crumb-catcher.


Look at this lovely pair of puppies!

Reason Five:

Men will rarely speak to your chest… But if they do inform said man that your boobs have yet to gain the power of speech, but if they could speak they’d tell him to sod off! Both of them. 

Reason Six:

We’ve already highlighted how small boobs brings benefits to your shoe collection. Now we’re talking bags. Crossbody bags are verging on the pornographic for big-boobed sisters, but on your petite chest they are not only comfortable, but practical too

Reason Seven:

In a word: exErcise. That’s spelt with an E – larger boobed ladies can look like their exOrcising a particularly irate ghost when on the move at a pace. And downward facing dog for them in yoga can often mean spaniel ear boobs. Not something you’ll ever have to worry about!


We're currently obsessing over the Sloggi mOve Flow range including the Sloggi Move FLOW Top  and Sloggi Move FLOW Tights!


Reason Eight:

Einstein himself noted that small boobs have little gravitational pull, while massive mammaries can attract asteroids from outer space…. OK, so we made that up, but you get the point. Your small boobs are gravity-defying; they won’t be heading south unless you’re off on your hols.

cupcakes SMALL BOOBS

Mmmm lots of lovely things come in cups!

Reason Nine:

You can seductively and slowly remove your gossamer-like lacey frippery of a bra, without it resulting a flash flood of flesh. And no under-boob sweat. Eurgh.

Reason Ten:

And finally - not being constantly hassled by the two bald blokes. “What bald blokes?” we hear you cry. We refer to the two bald men that seem to always appear under big boobed sisters low cut dress/top/swimwear. The same two bald men that stop her sleeping on her front or dive under each armpit if she lies on her back. The ones that like jump from side to side in the gym/jogging etc, or threaten to fall out of her over-engineered bra should she need to tie her shoelaces. Nuff said.

bald men SMALL BOOBS

Be grateful you don’t have to grapple with the ‘two bald blokes’ on an hourly basis.

This blog should be a bit of fun, and we hope you’ve had a titter (every pun intended) whilst reading it, but there is a serious message in there too. Yes really, there is! We support body positivity and know that real women come in all shapes and sizes. All of you are gorgeous. 

Be proud of your small boobs and post this blog on your Facebook and Twitter pages and tell the world – Small is beautiful!

By Kelly Rogers

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