Do I really have small boobs? (and if so, so what.....)

Do I really have small boobs? (and if so, so what.....)

Do I really have small boobs?

Breast size varies dramatically amongst women and as with most things in life most of us are never happy with whatever we’ve been given, be it boobs, height, hair or eye colour! Breasts come in many different shapes and sizes. And it varies across nations, ethnicities, age groups, BMI etc. Usually, when a woman considers that she has small breasts, she often means that she feels they are small for her frame.
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That being said, being a AA cup doesn't necessarily mean you are flat chested, but, due to the popularity of breast enhancement procedures, and the sometimes unrealistic “norms” that frequently appear in the media, women’s aspirations for larger breast sizes such as DD, E or an F cup have considerably grown.
In the UK the smallest cup size available is AAA. In terms of aesthetics, what appears ‘small’ on a broader, taller woman, would be ‘large’ on a small, slight woman.

Can you explain the difference in cup sizes?

We get asked all the time which cup size is bigger AA or AAA. Well, hopefully this graph will explain that for you!
We are one of the only lingerie companies in the world who stock a AAA cup from a 32 back up to a 44 band in our own label.

How to be confident with small breasts

If you’ve got small breasts you can enjoy the benefits of not needing as much support as larger-breasted ladies. This means you can go bra free, or experiment with a wider variety of bra styles— ranging from on-trend bralettes, to padding and gel-filled options for extra volume.

But why do I need a bra if I have small boobs?

Well it’s personal choice of course – there are plenty of women around who are most definitely NOT small boob owners who don’t wear a bra!
However there are good reasons for anyone to wear bra, regardless of their bra size.
  • Modesty – perhaps when wearing a sheer top or something tight fitting it makes people more comfortable knowing that their boobs aren’t on show, or that their nipples can be seen.
  • Don’t feel dressed without a bra on – doesn’t matter whether it’s a push up padded number or a soft bralette – some people just prefer to know that they have a bra on. Some people don’t want to go out without lippy on, or without a watch – they just don’t feel properly attired. I for one hate going out without perfume on – even if it’s to a supermarket. Again, purely down to personal choice.
  • Support – even if you’ve got small boobs there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to support them which can help reduce the sagginess that seems to happen to most women.

What type of bra should I wear for my small boobs?

Women with small breasts benefit from being able to wear a broader selection of bras than their fuller-chested counterparts. This is because they rarely suffer from breast-related back or neck pain, so require less supportive bras. Small-breasted women can choose between the comfort of soft bralettes without underwiring, as well as crop tops and sports bras. Equally, they are free to create a different silhouette under clothing and boost the appearance of their breast size with a padded, gel-filled, or push-up/balconette or plunge bra.
Please note it’s important to get properly fitted for your bra to ensure you are wearing the correct size. This will change over your lifetime, so it’s worth getting measured fairly regularly to ensure the best fit for comfort and support.
A good bra will provide enough lift to help minimize sagging and give you a smooth silhouette. Third, select a bra that feels comfortable. This means finding one that has soft fabric and does not irritate sensitive skin. Some people like an underwired bra that gives some degree of definition to the breasts others cannot bear the thought of them. Luckily, ladies with small busts can make their own mind up when they shop with us as we offer a range of bras with or without underwires.
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So…do I have small boobs?

Given that there is no widely accepted definition of “small breasts” in medical literature, ultimately it’s a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. The answer is you only have small breasts if you think you do! The problem occurs that what we often think of as “normal breasts” can be distorted by what we see on TV and online, which is often not an accurate representation of what is actually normal, leading many women to feel that they have small breasts compared to the average, even when they don’t. Here at Little Women we say that everyone is beautiful regardless of their shape or size and to that end it really doesn't matter at all.  
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