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What you say about Little Women

I just received my lingerie I was completely surprised at the quality. I just wanted to Thank You, the set was not only beautiful but comfortable, Perfect Fit !!!  I am 47 years old and have tried hundreds of bras, I finally have a matching set of lingerie for the first time in my life. Thank You to all those who make these. I will be shopping here from now on.


USA November 2018

Thank you for your reply I ordered 30aa from your website they arrived today and fit lovely and I've not had so pretty adult bras before. I did get fitted at the weekend at M& S and they came up with 30aa. I've brought 4 bras from your website in the last month and now I have the right size will save up and buy some more.
Thank you.


UK August 2018

Hello I have bought bras from you twice already and I want let you know that I'm extremely happy with all bras. Finally I'm able to start to like my body! Thank you


UK March 2018

A lovely classy bra that is well made and extremely comfortable to wear, even all day [Carrie Bra]. Keep up the good work.


UK January 2018

Thank you very much.  I'm really impressed with your level of customer care - you couldn't have been more helpful!


UK December 2017

So I finally made it to the post office to collect my parcel. Wow! Thank you so much for my Pearl Bra, it’s a fabulous fit, really comfortable and extremely well made. I will definitely be ordering some from you soon. Thanks again.


UK November 2017

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

The Bra is lovely - it's so sweet I never imagined I would ever be able to wear a bra so pretty again.

I loved how it was wrapped - beautiful pink tissue and the box lining, it really felt like I was getting something very special, which I was. I wish other companies took the time to make their products look special. Sometimes I will order a top from an high end store on the high street, and it is just shoved in a plastic bag, horrible.

I am so happy to have this beautiful bra. It reminds me of the time before I had the mastectomy and reconstruction of how I could wear beautiful lingerie.


UK May 2017

Brought me to tears...

Growing in the USA with a small chest is very difficult. I did not even know there was an AAA size, I just thought it was called flat. Then I found Little Woman and saw this bra (Hannah Bra). I knew I had to have it, and it blew me away when I opened the package. I have never had a "real" bra and I am proud to say this is my first. Thank you so much. I finally feel like a woman for the first time.


USA April 2017

I just wanted to email and say a huge thank you to your company. I have always been happy with my body but shopping for bras was always awkward and difficult as there was just nothing in the shops for my size.

Your measuring guide allowed me to find my actual measurement of 32AAA easily and without the embarrassment of someone suggesting I should buy 'chicken fillet' padding to fill the bra I like! The selection of feminine and beautiful bras on your website opened up a world of options to me and the website is lovely and easy to navigate.

The delivery was quick and well organised with email updates from Royal Mail, I will be sending some briefs and thongs back, but only to exchange them for the correct sizes (they are also as wonderful and lovely as the bras!)

I am so happy with my purchases and have left wonderful reviews on every bra I have purchased. I want to let you know that you have a life long customer in me.


UK March 2017

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality and sizing of the Little Women range. It is a fantastic discovery and I am so impressed with the range of products and the fit is excellent.

I also appreciate the quality of the delivery - the items I have bought so far are so well packed and efficiently delivered.

I am really grateful for this range of products, it is amazing to find a range of bras that fit so well and to have such good range of choice and varieties.


UK March 2017

FINALLY, your bras fit me!!! I'm a 36 AA and they don't carry many here in the US, so I was SO thankful to find your site!!! I LOVE my Fiona Bra. It's absolutely beautiful and so feminine and in fact, I'm wearing it right now! I LOVE all of your bras by the way. For the first time in my life I feel GREAT wearing a bra! Thank you!!!


USA January 2017

Just what I wanted - I bought three of these bras [After Eden Single Boost Lace Bra]: two in powder colour and one in white. They fit well, feel good, the price seems very reasonable. Thanks to the staff for helping me when I needed to make exchanges; there were no quibbles about sending me replacement products.


UK December 2016

Thank you so much for this lovely bra, fits lovely and lovely colours, it arrived really quickly. will definitely be using again. thanks once again.


UK November 2016

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the great bras I received today! It's the first time I've ordered from you and I was really pleased with the purchases. I have real trouble finding bras that fit as I am very slight-chested. I've tried ordering from another specialist UK company but was really disappointed - there wasn't much to their bras, and the fitting still wasn't good. So pleased to discover your company, who have a lovely selection, that fit just right!


UK September 2016

The bra is excellent (Bree), fits perfectly, nice packaging as well; it's the fourth I've bought from you. I really would like to thank you because without you I'd be back wearing large sweatshirts, loose shirts and a permanent bad mood. You saved me!


Italy June 2016

What a treat to find bra's that are made exclusively for small women. And with matching knickers! A first for me. And I am 50+.


UK June 2016

Just wanted to say, thank you very much for your excellent service! Having spoken to you yesterday, about a bra that my Daughter needed urgently, I was expecting it to arrive just in time on Tuesday. So it was a lovely surprise when it arrived today (Sat), beautifully packaged. I shall ask her to share your website on Facebook and thoroughly recommend you ! It’s wonderful to have had such excellent service, thank you very much !!


UK April 2016

I placed an order with you for my daughter for three bras at the end of last week and they have arrived already, she is very happy with the fit of the underwear and the styles. All of them very gorgeous pieces of lingerie and we would definitely be back for more in future. Thank you so much for making women of our smaller size feel beautiful!


UK February 2016

Thank you very much for your fast response and your help. I really appreciate the service that littlewomen is providing and I love your gorgeous bras as it can be so difficult to find nice bras for a smaller bust size.


Switzerland January 2016

I love your site and your service is brilliant.


UK November 2015

Fantastic thank you so much love your site! X

B.F. (commenting after receiving our world-beating customer service)

UK October 2015

Just want to say what a wonderful little company you are and what a valuable service you provide. Finally, the packaging your products come in is so beautiful. I look forward to buying from you in the future.


UK September 2015


I just wanted to tell you I am so glad I have found you!! I have been struggling to find bras that fit for years. Maybe some of that is not knowing what size I needed. I ordered 6 for sizing and they all fit, I was amazed and there was so much choice, thank you, I will be back.

Kind regards


UK July 2015

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. This does show excellent customer service which is such a rarity these days and gives me confidence to use you for more bra purchases.

Kind Regards,


UK July 2015

Dear team of Little Women,

I would like to thank you for all that you're doing! You're not just selling bras, in fact you're changing women's lives!

I felt so humiliated before finding you because I couldn't find any bras at my size, and if I did find them, they would be incredibly ugly. The last time I went into an average lingerie shop, the saleswoman told me that my size did not exist and she tried to sell me bras that were approximately fine, well... they didn't fit at all, I couldn't breathe in them or the cup was way too big. Then I found Little Women, I was skeptical at first because I had tried so many bras and I was worried to buy one online, but then I decided to give it a go because your return policy is so easy, and I wasn't disappointed at all! In fact it was the first time in my life that a bra fitted perfectly, I didn't feel it at all during the day and I was sad to pull it off at night rather than relieved! This is my third order with you and I'm so grateful about it, always new and beautiful items to purchase that are of a very good quality! So thank you so much for improving my self-confidence, for making me enjoy buying underwear and to feel beautiful in your sexy and cute lingerie!

Best wishes,


Luxembourg July 2015

Hi, just want to say thanks! I had one bra of you this week, and I'm on your website right now ordering a couple more. I have finally found somewhere that sells bras for smaller people and the bras are quality products. Thanks again!!


UK July 2015

Hi Thank you for your super quick response to my email and the refund. I feel that other on-line companies could learn from your customer care service. Thanks.


UK June 2015

Just received my new bras, and they fit perfectly! Delivery was really fast with DHL, and your packaging with your company's personal touch is beautiful. I will be ordering more! Thank you, and best wishes for your business!


New Mexico USA June 2015

Wow. I'm impressed.

I live in a rural area in Canada. You shipped my bras on June 8th and I got them today - June 11th ... impressive.

Thanks so much! You are now my go-to shop for bras.


Canada June 2015

Many thanks for your help – it is great to find a website that does nice bras in small sizes, with great customer service!


U.K. June 2015

I would like to express my delight at your wonderful sales people you employ. I have placed several orders over the years and have never encountered anyone other than charming and helpful. If only other companies followed your example. Regards from a very satisfied customer.


UK - May 2015

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. The goods were received within days of the order (to the other side of the world), which was outstanding.
I was quite apprehensive buying bras online as the sizing was completely different than I was used to, but with your online fitting guide the fit was perfect and they give me a lovely shape (without going over the top). As an added bonus they make me look (and feel) feminine. 
I'm so delighted to have found your website. The years of ridiculous ill-fitting bras that don't suit my slight frame are well and truly over! 


New Zealand April 2015

Thank you so much. I appreciate your good customer service! Looking forward to shop with you again.

Sent from my iPhone


UK March 2015

Thanks again! I am very impressed with your customer service and the quality of your products.

Have a great day!


USA March 2015


I just wanted to say the bras I ordered were delivered this week much to my Mum's delight; I had bought them for her. She does struggle so terribly with finding any bras that fit, and whilst the left cup doesn't quite sit on Mum properly, overall the bras fit perfectly and she really is delighted with them! I am sure I shall be ordering further AA cup bras from you shortly for her.

And thank you for keeping me informed as regards dispatching the bras, that was very courteous, a quality lacking in many on line retailers regrettably.

Kind regards


UK February 2015

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a big thank you for the lovely bra’s and extra pads that I have received from you!

I am so pleased, they fit perfectly and they look fab! I am glad that I am a customer with the company…nowhere else can I find bras that are right for me! Please keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards



January 2015

I just wanted to give feedback on one of your bras. The "Ultra You" (LW247) is the most comfortable and flattering style I have ever worn and having virtually no bust I have had years of trying to find styles to fit me which also look good.
I was hoping to find it in other colours but was disappointed to see it listed as a limited edition. Please consider making this a regular style in other colours, it is by far the best bra I have ever bought from your website.

Thank you



November 2014

Just to say thanks for the last two orders placed. The items have been of very high quality, and the fit options are brilliant. Also, it was very kind of you to add a couple of extra pads in to our last order. Many thanks! :-)



November 2014


Thank you so much for all your help yesterday.
I was already pleased with Little Women's speed of service and efficiency but after yesterday's telephone call I am extremely impressed. I wish other companies would 'take a leaf out of your book'.

Thanks again.



October 2014

Beautiful and good quality underwear for an AAA cup ...
it is by far the best underwear I have ever found for my cup size both in appearance and fit.
I no longer have to wear a smaller band size than I need with an AA cup which is too big for me,
uncomfortable and always just in a plain style and design.
It took me until my mid 30's to find such great fitting and well designed bras and I thank you at
Little Women very much.



September 2014


Hi there

I recently ordered a bra from you (Perfectly You Bra 40A White) and I just want to tell you that it’s great and it fits perfectly. I am size 40A and I have been trying to find a bra to fit me for 15 years.
Yes, I said 15 years.
My size is simply not made by any bra companies that I could find either here or in the US. I have worn ill-fitting bras with ‘bra extenders’ (not brilliant) or supportive vests for far too long. The only time I have been able to find my bra size is (awkwardly) in a ‘mastectomy bra’. No I don’t need a surgical bra !
Your company has obviously realised that there is a need for sizes like mine and are making pretty non-wired designs that ladies like me will so appreciate, and I’m looking forward to buying more from you in the future.

So anyway, this is a big thankyou.



August 2014

Thank you for your email and a big thank you for applying the 20% discount, it is greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to receiving my order, lovely to deal with such a lovely online company like yours.
Kind regards.


June 2014


I just wanted to make the effort to contact you expressing my gratification you are running the business you do :)

I am in my early 30s and happily found your company to provide pretty underwear to my size 8/10 34AAA frame. Now I am older and more worldly aware I'm more comfortable with the tiny assets nature has given me. However, for many painful years growing up my boob confidence was stamped on repeatedly by media representations of women, all well endowed, and going into shops only to be presented with huge cup sizes. When I did find bras for my size they were either kids training bras or in a poor colour selection of black or white. Why do manufactures think small sizes only want or deserve monochromatic unpatterned underwear - it's simply not fair.

I found your company a few years ago and buy the odd piece now and again, freshening up my underwear drawer. A new man has entered my life so I have shipped for a few more sets recently. It is nice to have a little more colour and patten choice however I would still encourage you to seek out / manufacture bras in small sizes which are vibrant and patterned like shops do for larger sizes. I truly love your products and only disappointed your range is not bigger. I find myself having to wait for each seasons catalogue to give me different designs ... a slow pace for buying is good for my back account but not for my eagerness to fill up my underwear drawer :) Keep up the good work and know there are many women undoubtedly grateful, like I am, you have such a business and there are frustrated women yet to discover you. Love your products - favourite so far is the striking cornflower blue set in your latest catalogue ... Thank you xx



May 2014

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the bras I ordered from you. They are all so comfortable and I'm not even aware of wearing them. I love the styles, (Anny and Triumph Soft Sensation), and I particularly like the light padding, not easy to find these days. I apologise for having to send for and return several bras, but finding my correct size wasn't easy. I settled on the 34B, which is not what I measure, but they fit perfectly. Obviously, I have tried this size in stores, but never found a good fit, or, the bras were overpadded or too push-up for me. Too much push up is not flattering to older women. So pleased to have found your website as I've spent so much time in shops, been measured so many times and given many different sizes, including 32EE - I didn't even 'fill' the cups!

Thanks so much, very best wishes,



April 2014

Thank you so much! I'm highly impressed with your site's professionalism. Can't wait to get my order!



April 2014

Thank you Little Women,

I received my order today. The bras are beautiful and all fit great. If LW106 will be avaible in white in my size, I'll order that bra too.



Jan' 2014

I have just received my order. The bras are very pretty and well- made. They are a perfect fit. Thank you !
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dec' 2013

Hi Little Women,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my two beautiful bras yesterday. They are gorgeous and fit well! I've bought from you before and you haven't disappointed me yet. Your bras really make me feel feminine and sexy. Generic lingerie stores make me feel like my 34AA bust only exists on teenagers!! So thank you. Also, thanks for the extra gift - the pretty g-string! I've never owned one before but I tried this one on and it fit great and looked awesome actually, so I think I will keep it for a special occasion ;)
You guys are the best!

Jess :)


Dec' 2013

Hello Little Women,

With reference to my recent order (no: 2102962), I wanted to email to give my thanks for the Christmas gift that was enclosed with the bra/brief sets I had ordered. It was a lovely surprise!

All the underwear fits perfectly, as do the Christmas briefs! It's a joy to find bras that fit and such pretty sets.

Merry Christmas to you all there!

Kind regards,


Dec' 2013

I just want to say that I received my order and I am very happy with the bra. This was the first time I
wear a bra in the right size and my boobs have a more natural shape for someone with a smaller size and
look even bigger than with a bigger size. And it's very comfortable!
Thank you very much for making this possible!...

...Thanks again for selling affordable, nice fitting bras!



November '13

Good Morning

A short note to thank you for my recent order, it is the first time I have tried on a bra and have it fit perfectly with no gaping on top of the breast, I am absolutely thrilled to bits!!

I will be coming back to you again

Many thanks


September '13

Your customer service department is the best that I have dealt with. Thank you and hope you have the BEST day!



August '13

The Cotton Soft Multiway Bra LW905 is a lovely workable bra which comfortably sits lower in the back, like a sports bra. The smooth pretty style takes care of nipple-factor without overly boosting cup-size, and (whisper it), even goes in the washing machine. Well done Little Women for providing a great niche service!”

Kind regards,



July '13

"thanks again for your perfectly gorgeous ranges of bras. Your range of bras is crucial to me, as I'm hard to fit.

Many many thanks again. Glad to be on your mailing list (not something I say very often).


May '13

Dear Little Women,

I just had to write and say how pleased I am with my order. My “new undies” are already my favourites! The shape and position of cups are perfect, the longer straps are a great improvement too. Thank You for a truly lovely product.

Yours Faithfully,


April ’13.

I received my order today and as usual am very satisfied. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Kind regards


March '13.

.......thank you for keeping me updated, I appreciate it. May I say your customer service has been excellent (working in CS myself I understand that it is not always easy to achieve!) and I will not hesitate to use your company again and recommend you to others.


February '13

Just a quick note to say that I am delighted with the Multiway bra - a great bra which am delighted with and have already worn on a (rare!) evening out. (I nearly put it on my first order, but it is worth waiting for. )......

..... I was actually very impressed with and quite tempted by the Royce bra which was really comfortable and well made and fitted really well, but I wasn't really looking for the extra size at the moment and felt I had purchased enough bras by this point!


H. B.

February '13.

Just to say very many thanks for the Christmas present you sent me it is really appreciated, would also like to say how very much your company is valued as it is so difficult to purchase small size bras don't know what I would to without you.
All the very best to the team for Christmas and for the New Year.


December '12


thankyou for my first order which arrived today, I'm thrilled,both are so lovely and fit me very well, i will be placing another order with you very soon, thanks again, jaye xxx


December '12

just received my order, its very well made and good quality, nicely packaged, will order again soon...thanks


Nov' 12


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the RoyceAAA bra I brought from you recently fantastic great fit natural shape n it feels so v good to wear it doesn't slip no strap fall down great band around rib cage,I didn't think it would be this good just wish they did it in a black THANK YOU V MUCH

September '12.


Not an enquiry - just a grateful customer!

Beatifully packaged and these are the first bras to fit me properly for ages; you have gained a loyal customer.

Kind regards


August '12

just wanted to say how pleased I am with the bras I've ordered from you.
The coral one I ordered recently is especially pretty.
The quality of them is excellent and they are good for my confidence! They
are the best fitting bras I've found.
The only bras in my size I ever see in the shops (rare to see them in a
shop though!!) are plain white, navy, peach or black "t shirt" type bras.
I never see pretty/feminine/retro ones in the shops. So it's great to be
able to have such a wide selection from your website.
Thankyou and keep up the good work!

August '12

Excellent service, excellent product.


July '12

Thanks for your email of the 18th July and the order was duly delivered on the 21st July. I am very pleased with the order and would like to thank you for all your help. I am very impressed with the efficient despatch of my order once delivery had been received by your goodselves.
Thanks for everything.


July '12

Have just rec'd this and worn it today - it is so comfy I am ordering another before you sell out so I have 2!!!!! Hope that you will continue with this style and maybe in other colours. usually purchase the 'You' range as they fit me - took a gamble on this one and it's a greeat little bra! Thanks!!

A. H-K

June '12

Dear Fiona,

My apologies for not emailing sooner; A levels have taken priority. I wish to thank you for helping sort my order and for the most comfortable bra I have ever had.Thank you so much, I will be ordering again.

Best wishes


April '12

Dear Little Women

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the items that I ordered recently.

For the first time in my adult life I have some real lingerie as opposed to teen bras, It really has boosted my confidence.

The fit is fab and the quality is fantastic.

Thanks a million


April '12


Dear Little Women,

Many thanks for efficiently processing my order and for the two beautiful bras I received yesterday in the post.

Kind regards,


January '12

I've just got my second bra from you and I wanted to say thank you!
The bra I ordered was a slightly different fitting from the first one I bought and it didn't fit well. I can't believe how quick and easy it was to return it and get one that fits perfectly!
I can't remember the last time I had a bra that really fitted and was comfortable all day.
Many thanks.


Nov '11


I just wanted to say, I called a week or so ago and spoke to the most helpful woman who picked some bras for me that would suit me much better than the one I picked below....
they arrived yesterday and I am SO pleased. SO PLEASED! Although I'm not keeping all 3 for financial reasons, at least I now know where to order from!

Thank you so much.

Best wishes


July '11

I received my pretty bras yesterday.
Thank you so much. Who would of thought that I would get excited over bras?!

June '11

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so pleased with my purchase. I'll be ordering another bra very soon.
It's so great to know that petite women such as myself can purchase bras that actually fit AND pretty.
Thanks again!

June '11

The package arrived today and I already tried them on. Finally, bras that fit.
I guess living in the States, not as many like-bosomed women. They make me feel
comfortable and sexy.

Mrs. C.A.
June '11


You changed my life, I am not kidding, I am telling thr truth.Thank you so much for what you do for women like me with practically no breast due to surgeries or any other reasons. bravo for the quality of confection and the look
of the bras.

Mrs L.C.
May '11

Have just recieved three 34aa bras and I would just like to thankyou. After years of searching for pretty bras in small sizes at a reasonable price..i have found this site and the bras I have ordered are perfect.
They are paddedd just enough and are so pretty and at such a reasonable price *(as a student I could not
afford anything else).

May '11

Good Morning

I received my two new bras yesterday and I am delighted with them. I think they
are the best fit I have ever had and seem very well made. Much appreciated.Thank you.

April 11

Hi, many thanks for sending my order so quickly. I have posted two bras back to you to do an
exchange for a different style - so hopefully you will receive these soon (bank holiday postal service permitting).

I just wanted to e-mail to say how much I really like the new longer style bra straps - they are so much more
comfortable! I hope these longer straps will stay for all new future styles.

April 11

It's such a relief to find a website that caters to petite women like myself.
But you deserve the highest praise for using "size appropriate" models (A cup)
to sell your merchandise.
Great job & Thank you (from Canada)

Feb '11

I purchased a bra from you several months ago and it changed my bra confidence.

Being very small busted, it is so comforting not to wear a bra made for busty women just made smaller.
It is nice to feel the fit of a bra made especially for small women. I hope the swimwear will get me
in the pool on my holiday minus the baggy t shirt.

Jan '11

Dear Little Women,

Re: LW073 Very You

It's perfect and gorgeous - thanks so much - and it actually fits and is very comfy - with just a little padding so I dont look 'fried eggish' in it!

I will be ordering the matching thong and the other bra you recommended soon.
Many thanks - I am sure I will be using you a lot!

August '10

Several years ago I had 3 breast surgeries that left me basically with no breast.
It affected me physically but most importantly, psychologically.

After several years of searching, looking in every store possible, online, talking to people, I found a brand that was finally allowing me to wear whatever I wanted. The brand was Playtex, HalfSizesToo. I was buying size Nearly A. The problem was the designs; plain, boring, white or black, but it was not a big problem after all; I can wear a bra, right?

Playtex stopped making this particular line. No market. Can you believe it? I was the only woman in the entire United States in need of a special size. It is all for large sizes, nothing for woman like me.

I was back to square one. It got to a point where I became really depressed because of it. I didn’t know where to turn. I already searched online so much, spent so much time looking that I thought it would be a waste of time to start all over again.

Big mistake! I found you! Little Women. Very far from where I live but I didn’t care. I would have ordered from the moon, I would have ordered from wherever I needed to get a bra that fits.

Size AAA is exactly what I needed. I can’t believe my own eyes when I found your website. I can’t believe my own eyes when I saw the designs, the prettiest bras I have ever seen and worn. I ordered 2 at first. In my mind it took forever to get here. I was so impatient. It finally arrived. I tried them on and it fitted. So pretty, I looked pretty, what a gift! Really. A real gift from Heaven.

I then ordered 2 more and one with the matching panties. I can’t be happier. I really don’t know how to thank you. I now shop for clothes I thought I would never wear. I feel feminine again. It’s a feeling that has no price.

Little Women, thank you for giving me my life back. Women going through surgeries and ending up with breast like mine will understand.

Kindest regards,

June '10

To all at Little Women,
A huge THANKYOU - what an absolute treat to receive a lovely box, tissue paper and all - such a nice surprise to find a parcel wrapped so thoughtfully. Really made my day.I will most certainly be shopping with you again.

With best wishes.
January '10

I can't tell you how happy I'm finding a store which has bras for a little breasts in a grown-up style (and not a 'cheap-looking' or girly style). I'm almost 40 years old and I want to look like a woman and not like a little girl!
I'm so glad I found you!

Jan '10

Excellent service – thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Mrs D.O.
November '09

Dear Little Women,

Firstly I just have to say I'm so happy I found your website as I have struggled to find small sized bras, it is brilliant!

Sept '09

Thank you again. It is lovely to deal with a company with such helpful and kind
customer service - something that is usually all too rare these days.

Kind regards

R. P.

Sept' 09

I am just replying to say I received the first bra and I am VERY impressed!!
The packaging and the quality of the bra were EXCELLENT would def recommend your web site to my friends...and glad I found it via google


Mrs T. F.

Sept '09


Hi there,

I placed my first order with Little Women a couple weeks ago. I can't tell you how pleased I am.

Outside of sports bras, this is the first time in my life I own bras that fit me well.
The bras are very beautiful and make me feel like a woman. What's more, my clothes fit me
properly now because I have the right bra on underneath them. Thanks for including
an accurate, straightforward measuring guide on your site. It's true to your bras, because I used it
to find my size and all of the bras (I ordered five different styles) fit me perfectly.

Previous to this, shopping for a bra was somewhat uncomfortable for me. It often involved
going to the juniors/adolescent section, sifting through training bras with screen prints
of pastel balloons and kittens, a disappointing try-on experience, and finally, a pitying saleswomen at the checkout. Thank you for an experience that was the complete opposite - easy and effortless with a delightful outcome. Thank you so much!


Sept 09


Thank yyyyyyoooouuu!

Received Eleanor, it's beautiful and fits. It works for me when I need it. May order another soon.
I'm glad I found Little Women.


August '09

Dear LW

Thank you very much for my order which was delivered today.
There'll be a ceremonial burning of my (old, grey) bras and, now that I've found you, another order for Little Women soon.

Kind regards



I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful and kind assistance that I was shown last week.
My second package arrived on Saturday (plenty of time for my holiday) and in fact I was able to feel great on my birthday yesterday.
The service given to me was second to none and I will recommend your company to others.

Again many thanks


July '09

I know this is probably the wrong place to send this but I really wanted to tell you guys
how much I appreciate the service you're offering.

Sometimes it's hard to find an A cup bra,never mind a AAA cup. You hear a lot about making clothes for
bigger women but sometimes I feel like, as a very petite young woman, I'm ignored.
I've tried many online measurement calculaters,
but all of their answers were very inaccurate (32C???), but after using yours I felt really relieved
to see the 32AAA on your screen.
As small as it is, I feel so happy to finally know what my size is, and to know that I want have to wear
a sports bra for the rest of my life.

I don't know if you realize just how much of a difference you made in my life, but I really want
to extend my sincere gratitude.

Thank you,

June '09

Little Women,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I just placed my order with you. You have a very nice website.
It is so easy to find what you want. I like to see that you have small models as well. I found many websites that had B and C women modeling for A and AA bras. It is hard to get a true idea at that rate. I tried to find a place here in the US where I could buy AAA bras, but even the teen bras started at an A. I’d like to know what they’re eatin.

I am not sure if AAA will be too small, but it is nice to know I can exchange without any problem.

Thanks for providing a website for women like us.

Best regards,




"Excellent quality, excellent fit".


May '09


Dear Little Women,

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore everything I ordered from you - thank you so much!

Kind regards,


May '09


Dear Little Women

Thank you for delaying despatch of my order which arrived today. The bras are so pretty and fit perfectly.
It is always a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again.



April '09


I recently placed an order with you for the first time on the recomendation of a friend.
I am very happy with the bras I ordered from you and will definately
be shopping with you in the future!


April '09

Love your products! Have two bras and have never had so much confidence.
I'm forty six years old and only NOW am I getting double takes (if you
know what I mean!)


April '09


Dear Little Women

After spending most of my life in badly fitting bras, discovering Little Women was just wonderful! I've been a customer of yours now for several years and I love the quality of your lingerie. Your service is excellent.

March 09'


"Your service is second to none and your sales staff are always so courteous and helpful".

February '09



Firstly, I wanted to tell you how much I value your online shop, it truly is wonderful -- thank you!
I have already enjoyed my last order a lot. Thank you again, and please keep up your good work!

Best regards,
January '09


Thank you for all your help. I was really pleased with the bra that fit and have been very impressed
with the service you provide.

I look forward to receiving my order!

Nov '08

Dear Madam

Just a quick line to say how pleased I am with the bra (first of two ordered) I recently purchased from you.
Not only is it a lovely bra, it came beautifully packaged and was excellent value.

I shall recommend you to my fellow small busted friends!


October '09

Thank you very much. All my orders have arrived and are wonderful.
I will definitely use you in the future.

Kind regards

M. M-S.
August '08

Dear Little Women

Thank you for the 2 bras that I ordered, which fit well. I always look forward to opening the box: you
package your wares so beautifully.

Long may you continue to stock such a good selection of AAA bras.


August '08

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. The bras arrived today and they are beautiful
and more importantly they fit!!!

Best wishes

L. M.
August '08

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I received everything today and you have made me very happy.
It is perfect! After years of searching I finally found your company. You are fantastic. Thanks again.

Kind regards,
B de G
(the Netherlands)

July '08


I bought my 4th bra from you the other day, and I just wanted to say how happy I am with
little women since it's so hard finding a bra that fits on the high street. Keep up the good work!


July '08


Dear Fiona and the others at Little women,
Thank you very much for the delivery. I recieved my order today.
In fact I am amazed at the quick delivery especially to Pakistan.
Looking forward to more shopping with you!
Thanks once again.

June '08


Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my new underwear. They are a perfect fit and I have finally found bras that fit me properly.

Best Regards

April '08

Dear Little Women,

This is just a short e-mail to say: thank you so much!
Last week I received the AAA bra and matching brief I ordered from your website
and they fit perfectly!
My whole (26 yrs old) life I haven't been able to wear a bra, and I've never felt much like a woman.But my new bra makes me feel sexy, and even important, I can finally wear
some nice summer tops, because the bra gives me just that little bit of extra shape, without being overly padded. I just ordered 2 more bras and I'm already looking
forward to receiving them.

Thanks again!

W.Z. (The Netherlands)
April '08


I received my bra this morning and I am absolutely delighted with it. I am
57 yrs old and have searched for a bra that fits for all of my adult life,
your sizing chart and site in general made the ordering process really
easy. The delivery time to Ireland was very fast and the price is certainly
reasonable. I will be travelling for the next few weeks, but when I return
home I will be ordering a few more items from you.In fact, I have found the
place for my lingerie now and will stick with it forever I am sure. Many
thanks, we 'little women' who do not wish to be enhanced with surgery are
finally being looked after!

April '08


Dear Little Women,
Thank you for your exellent service with my recent order. I was most impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the products.
I will certainly be ordering with you again in the future.
Many Thanks,

March '08


Dear Little Women

I received my order yesterday and was thrilled with my bras...at last a bra that fits properly and comfortably and looks pretty too, I have obviously been wearing the wrong size for years!
Many thanks also for an efficient prompt service I will definitely order again and recommend you to friends.
Kind regards

March '08

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that the Boobs and Bloomers padded t shirt bra is SUPERB!!
The most comfortable bra I’ve bought in ages.
I hope you will be stocking more of their range soon,

February '08

My new bras have just arrived and I am absolutely thrilled with them - they fit perfectly!

Thank you for your help and advice over the telephone when we spoke earlier this week - I won't hesitate to order my next bras from you. Please keep me up to date with new styles and so on in the future.
Thank you again

With best wishes


Re Transaction numbers 095534 & 095535

I have just received my first delivery from you and would like to tell how delighted I am. I had originally placed 2 seperate orders as I had just logged off when I remembered another item I want but you sensibly combined them, packaged them beautifully and delivered them in excellent time. All the items were a perfect fit. I'll definetely be keeping your website on my favourites list and will recommend you although most of my friends are more generously endowed than me!

With thanks

Jan '08

Dear Little Women

Thank you ever so much for delivering my two new bras so quickly. I am getting married in the near future and have desperately been trying to find a strapless bra that fits so that I can go and try on strapless dresses and at long last I have found the perfect bra! Now I don't need to worry. Thank you very much.
C. A.
Nov '07


Hi little women
I would like to say thank you very much for my order
they were for my mother aged 86 she has not been well the bra's fitted well thanks

Feb '08



Thank you very much for your prompt response to my item return this week, it is great to know that the return system is nice and easy and is as efficient as the purchasing. Just to say my bra arrived this morning and is fine. Thank you once again for a great service!!

Nov '07

I would like to say thank you for this order. The lingerie is beautiful, comfortable and fits better than anything I've ever worn. I bought most of the lingerie for my honeymoon and it was perfect.

I would also like you to update your records with my new email address and change of name as I want to continue to receive emails and newsletters from you.

Thank you again and I hope to continue ordering from you in the future.

Mrs S.L.

Just emailing to say how thrilled I was this morning to receive the three bras I ordered earlier this week. For the first time ever (in my potential bra-wearing life! - I'm 53!), I have found bras to fit! I am absolutely thrilled! Whilst being by no means flat-chested, I could never find anything to fit properly. I was confined entirely to cropped-tops which, whilst practical and comfortable (I won't be giving them up completely), tend to squash what I do have across my chest!
So, thanks very much, from a very satisfied customer!

PS One item in particular even gave me - me! - a cleavage!
September '07


Dear Madam
Further to my phone call to you this morning I must write and say how very,very thrilled I am with the Eleanor AAA bra. This is the first time in my life In have ever had a bra that fits so well. I am so very,very thrilled and the modesty in the way it was packaged so very carefully was very pleasing.

For years I have never been able to wear a bra because I could never find one that fit well. It is so lovely to have such a beautiful choice now. You will never know the difference you have made to me.

I am so very delighted that I found out about your company from the September Prima. I could not praise you enough for the happiness you have brought to me.

Please could you keep sending me your catalogues.

Yours thankfully,
Miss M.C.
August '07


Just a quick note to say that I received my two 'smooth' bras from you recently. And as ever they fit perfectly and I am very pleased with them, even my mum was jealous of how well made they were. It is nice that I am able to purchase a smooth seam free cup bra to wear under tight tops, maybe you could consider doing some more like these that are not multiway in the future or maybe stocking different colours? Thank you again for your fantastic, efficient service!! 10/10

August 07

I gather you are interested in feedback on your collection, and having just received my new one called 'Perfectly You', I now know that the name is as perfect as the bra!!

The cut is just what I was looking for, and the colour. A skin-tone colour would be nice too.

I will be buying more of this line, and hope that it continues.

Mrs. J. R.
August 07

Dear Madame,
I received my bra today and I'm very happy with it! Thank you very much for your quick service and good quality.
With best regards,
July 07

Dear Madame,
I received my bra today and I'm very happy with it! Thank you very much for your quick service and good quality.
With best regards,
July 07

Thank you for reserving the Perfectly You bra for me.
That felt like real personal customer service which certainly encourages me to shop again with Little Women and recommend you to any other similar sized friends.
The items I ordered arrived today. They are beautiful and all fit perfectly.I would be very interested in any future designs of pretty, modern, cotton and lycra mix underwear that you are able to produce / source.
July 07 

I received my bra today and I would just like to say thank you for the prompt service. The bra is beautiful and fits perfectly.
Thanks again
J. P.
June 07


Just wanted to let you know that I am really, really pleased with my lingerie (received a few days ago). At last, no gaping bras!!!! I will definitely be buying from you again.

Excellent customer service, and beautifully packaged.

Many thanks again.

June 07


WOW! I am so completely thrilled with my order I just wanted to tell you.

Since stopping breastfeeding I have definitely shrunk and I was trying to find 34AA bras (the size I was pre-baby) on the high street. All were much too big and the bra fitters in stores had no suggestions, except to try elsewhere. All I found that fitted was a liquid filled one. These might work in winter but in summer the plastic lining makes them very sweaty, plus it takes 2 days for them to drip dry!

Thanks to a Google search, I discovered you and am now in possession of some absolutely wonderful, comfortable, pretty bras that make me look feminine again. AND THEY FIT! On top of that, I only placed the order on Monday night and I received the bras this morning (Thursday). I am very happy and will be recommending you to a friend who is similarly endowed!
Many thanks and well done on super stock and service.

Kind regards

S. G.
June 07

I just wanted to say I was completely thrilled with my two bras, which arrived today, I really did jump up and down. They fit perfectly, look lovely and are comfortable, which is something I never thought I'd find. I've looked everywhere and have put up with less than perfect bras for years. THANK YOU!

June 07

Dear Little Women

I’m pleased to say that after phoning you on Tuesday, the bikini top arrived the very next day, thank you.

Secondly, I would like to add that it looks stunning on – I’ve never been able to wear a bikini top- either the cup is too big, or a size 8 unpadded which just flatten the little assets I do have!!

Needless to say, hubby is as delighted as I am. I can’t thank you enough and the Perfectly You matching set is gorgeous!

Many thanks

May 07


Dear Little Women,

I recently ordered and recieved the Ultra Soft bra, and am delighted with it! I've been looking for something that really fits for ages, but without luck. I'm sure I will be shopping with you again.

Thank you very much!

April 07

Thank you for the recent delivery of my 2 bras. You provided a prompt, efficient service and I was thrilled with the bras. At last I have found a company that makes bras that fit me! I will be happy to recommend you to others and I will certainly be using your company again! Many thanks.

Mrs J B
September 06


Dear Ladies,

Thank you, I received my replacement bra yesterday morning and have returned the one which was the wrong size.

I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted and feel gorgeous and sexy in it. I have today ordered a further one the same through you internet, but I am still looking forward to my other bras and thongs I have on back order.

Thank you it has totally changed the way I dress, I wear a lot of fitted dressed etc which I never used to not only that I wear more low cut. All the best and keep up the good work!

Ms L E
August 06

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