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Ladies Padded Bra By Triumph Fit Smart P EX 10202460

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Everyday Fit Smart by Triumph presents an innovative new bra – new sizes make it easier to find the perfect fit for you. The Fit Smart bra features 4D stretch lace and 4D stretch padding that adapt perfectly to your body and feel super soft on your skin. Our size converter helps you to find the right Smart bra for you!
  • Non-wired bra with 4D stretch padding
  • With jersey lining on the inner sides for a natural push-in effect
  • Front made of soft jersey covered with 4D stretch lace to perfectly adapt to your bust
  • Slightly wider straps for extra comfort
  • Comfortably wide sides and back made from 4D stretch lace
  • Four-position hook-and-eye fastener offers an adjustable fit
  • Manufactured according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Check out our shop for the Tai briefs and maxi briefs to match this bra.
  • Our model is wearing the bra in size 01 and the black bra in size 01
  • Item Nr.: 10202460 (7613137003559)
  • Fabric: 61% Polyamide, 16% Polyester, 23% Elastane

The 'Fit Smart' series from Triumph is designed with adaptability and the perfect fit in mind. So it's a great ally to help you cope with every situation throughout your day. Triumph is recognised as the fit expert and the 'Fit Smart' bra is the latest evolution in bra technology.

Launched in 2020, this non-wired, padded bra has revolutionary 4D technology, which allows it to adapt to your body. Available in just five sizes, the bra will respond to your body, contending with any natural changes to provide you with all the support and comfort you need to face a modern, fast-paced life

Thanks to the 4D engineering associated with the 'Fit Smart' series, just five 'Fit Smart' sizes encompass a huge variety of traditional bra sizes, while still providing you with exceptional support.

For best results, use your hands to gently stretch the underband a few times, in order to maximise its adaptability. Once you put your bra on, wait for a few minutes and the bonding will respond to your body's natural warmth and it will adjust to fit your specific shape.This 'Fit Smart' technology ensures you can enjoy complete comfort and the best possible support.

This innovative moulding technology means that 'Fit Smart' bras are able to actually embrace change, and it is easier than ever to find the right bra size. Straps are also carefully designed with comfort in mind…
...while there are a range of different colour options, ensuring you can find underwear that suits your tastes.