Triple A Thursday – Little Women’s AAA Cup Bra Recommendations!

Little Women Very You Bra

Our most popular bra and definitely yours too! Our Little Women Very You Bra comes in AAA Cups, using it’s super-soft medium padding with removable pads to give you the boost you desire. With a light, elasticated lace band, this is the perfect everyday AAA Cup bra! Perfectly matched with our Little Women briefs.

Little Women Isabella Bra

New to the Little Women range this week, the Little Women Isabella bra is a stunning addition to our petite lingerie AAA cup collection. The Little Women Isabella bra is a gorgeous red lace underwired bra and has been designed with light removable padding, meaning your shape is in your hands. A repeat of the lovely, bestselling Izzy bra in a slightly different fabric we recommend matching the bra with the Isabella briefs.


Little Women Sadie Bra

The Little Women Sadie Bra is hugely popular with our customers. Coming in a stunning shade of red, the elasticated band and light, removable padding delivers the enhancement we’re all looking for while maintaining that chic style we all want.


Little Women Gigi Bra

The Little Women Gigi Bra is a beautiful navy-blue stunner that you'll want to wear all the time.  A pretty, delicate lace bra that is finished with a sophisticated nude bow and bead detail in the centre of the cups. An elasticated, lace band with 3 adjustments makes it perfect for a small chest. Created with light removable padding for a natural lift and extremely comfortable support.

Little Women Valentina Bra

The Little Women Valentina Bra is one of the latest additions to our AAA Cup and Little Women ranges. Designed with pale blue lace over nude fabric, the floral design makes it a stunningly romantic bra. The elasticated pale blue lace band is comfortable and supportive making this a bra you can’t ignore!